12.11.2020 Back Blast – The Chopper @ Vets

You never know what is going to happen at Vets, especially when it is Friday AND Tony Malito actually recruits and asks someone to Q. One of those “whats up his sleeves” kind of feelings. Once YHC found out Latex was down for a CoQ, the feeling really got weird. Then we see the title put on the Calendar, “Stiffies and Rubbers”. Cool, time to get hard! Latex and myself went back and forth throwing different ideas at one another and settled on the beatdown a few days out. Looks good on paper.

PAX: Meatball, Vincent (R), Greenwich (R), PK, Tony Malito, Bunghole, Cousin Eddie, Lincoln Log (DR), Cartman, Yoshi, Hot Wheels, Stick Up (Q), Latex (Q)

COP: SSH, Grass Grabbers, Imperial Walkers, Downward Dog, Mtn Climbers. Grab you coupons and mosey to the lower lot.

THANG 1: YHC took the first half of the morning to get us warmed up. Knowing what Latex had planned for us, the suck was coming, I didnt need to add a whole lot. So, we lined up along the base of the parking lot for coupon suicides. Every time you came across the midline of the islands you perfomed the exercise, on the way out or the way back. Line 1: 5 Man Makers, Line 2: 10 Thrusters, Line 3: Coupon Pull Through. Mode of transportation, rifle carry. Once the PAX finished it was sprinting suicide adding the far end of the parking lot. TIME. Latex give em the buiness!

THANG 2: Mosey back up to the monument with your coupons and partner up. DORA is in the house. P1 perform exercise, P2 lap around the monument. Exercises: 25 Burpees, 50 Overhead Press, 75 Big Boys, 100 Merkins, 150 Curls.

Once all the pax finished the work, two laps around the monument with coupons, circle up for Mary. Each pax picked and lead an exercise until time was called.

COT: countOrama, nameOrama, Words of thanks, announcements, intentions, Lord’s Prayer.

It was a lot of fun teaming up with Latex and planning this beat down for the Vets guys. It was a true honor to be asked to team up with such a HIM to get after it.

Stick Up & Latex

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