Enemy Spotted

WARNO (Warning Order)

Last Wednesday we encountered an enemy force(our WO) that was a numerically superior force. That enemy force has returned to our AO Boondocks.
We had approx 18 PAX fall casualty to this enemy force (WO Doomed to Repeat) and this approaching threat, intel reports, does not present weaker. We need at least one HIM present to conquer this WO in order to put it to rest. Lets show up in force!
Your Q for this session will be Focker.

Who) All those who dare greatness
What) Enemy force WO Doomed to Repeat
When) 14DEC2020 NLT 0530
Where) AO Boondocks
How) With the men of F3 Louisville…. HIMs

Bring your brotherhood issued coupon and gloves mandatory

Command and Control:
Site Q) Le Pew and Cochran
Q) Focker
Alternate Q) Backflop

Service and support:
Lets not let sad clown disease overcome us!

Focker Over Out

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