BB Slaughterhouse Loco @ The County

We certainly trimmed the fat from the Christmas Beast this morning at the Loco. 16 HIMs presented themselves for the work ahead. NoNutsDoodle(FNG)DauberWILDflowerHolyRoller(R)DoubleDown(R)StickUpRippleBigBirdWhiskersHoneyDoDeepDishLittleJerry(R)BungholeBackflop(interim site Q)Focker(Q)

We began with COP mosey to top parking lot for 20 SSH, downward dog with all the trimmings, 5 merkins, 5 mt. climbers then mosey back to lower parking lot. COP was completed with 5 waterfall merkins spread across all 16 HIMs and the butcher work commenced.

After a line was formed all Hims abreast; demonstration of novel exercises made by the Q (Murder Hares, and T-Bones) the men sprinted from island to island (50 yds) to receive their first block of exercise, Murder Hares.

Murder Hares were carried out to stop sign we got on our feet and did a full lap around the County campus.

We returned to the stop sign and proceeded to Lunge Walk to the Cols Playhouse were we stood upright and ran a full loop around the County campus.

We returned to the Cols Playhouse and did 15 WMDs, regained our upright composure and did a full loop around the County Campus.

We found the next set of exercise at the stone entrance columns and did 30 Jump Squats, took off on rubber chicken legs and did a full lap around the County campus.

We found our next set of exercises chained to the fence at the top parking lot and did 20 Nuclears. The all clear sounded and we headed off once again around the County campus.

The next set of exercises was located at the old chapel. We did 35 T-Mercans and then took flight with rubber chicken wings on the full loop.

Next set was hiding out in the back parking lot behind the chapel. 25 T-bones were cut and then, yup you guessed it, a full loop.

Next 40 Dips into the dredge at the portico, then a full lap.

To finish with 30 pull ups out of the batter, and a full lap.

Circled up for 5 minutes of Core Mary(FKs, Gas Pumps, BBs, Burpees) solicited from the HIMs.

It’s important to note that somewhere around the T-Mercans those doing the full loop ran out of time and the Q pulled them from the Slaughterhouse to process their bodies another day.

COT assembled COR, NOR and naming of FNG were packaged. Welcome Doodle!!

Announcements, Backflop Q Foundry tomorrow, Focker Q Gardens 29DEC2020 (an enemy force was spotted lurking in the woods around St. Patricks). Blood drive details on Slack.

Intentions, many names, that I cannot remember however the Good Lord knows, were spoken and requested for prayers.

Prayer was had. We remembered those spoken and unspoken; all HIMs bowed their head and/or knee in reverence to the Almighty Provider!

Carpe Diem brothers!

Focker over out

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