BB: 12/24/20 Cratchit and Tiny Tim on Christmas Eve at the Agony

Like a kid on Christmas Eve, I had a hard time sleeping last night. It was my first Q with Tiny Tim and I was so excited to get going. We had planned everything out the night before, set the Christmas playlist and were ready to go. Except that I woke up at 2 am and it sounded like we were in the middle of a hurricane. I started thinking, there was no way I could take Tiny Tim out in this and it would likely be a small crowd. However, when I woke back up at 0500, a Christmas Miracle happened. It had stopped raining, so I grabbed Tiny Tim and off we went. He loves the workouts and hanging out with the guys, but this was his first 5:30 workout and his first Q, so he was even more excited. We were the first ones to the County and we were setting up the flags, including our new (and short lived) Ghost Flag. The crowd started to trickle in and I figured it would be a lite crowd with the weather and it being Christmas Eve, but more and more HIM’s started the show up. At first I though they were all there for me and Tiny Tim in our Christmas attire, then Brown Water showed up all decked out with an ugly Christmas sweater (hope that was what it was supposed to be) and a Santa hat. Maybe they are there for him. Maybe they are there to see the legend Holy Roller and see a shirtless GQ. Wait, that can’t be it. Then more Posh guys showed up and it hit me. They are there for the ghost flag. Time to get moving. I had to adjust the Weinke on the fly, as we had more than I expected. The number was at 20 (total was 21, but see below), which included:

Holy Roller (R)
Bulletin (R)
Dollar Short
Le Pew
Asian Zing (R)
Deep Dish
Dry Rub
Stick Up
Fertile Myrtle
Brown Water
Cratchit (co-Q)
Tiny Tim (Q)

The get started we did a lap around the County and then COP:

x 25 SSH

x 12 Grass grabbers

x 15 Christmas Toy Soldiers (thanks Jolly)

Runners stretch with some right-rights and left-lefts

The main thing:

We started to head over to a larger circle, when we heard squealing tires in the parking lot. Was Santa coming to join us? No, but we got the second best thing, a visit from Focker. Keeping with the Cratchit and Tiny Tim theme, we had the PAX separate into 3 groups, as the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future.  Each group worked a separate body part and after you completed the exercises, you did the half lap around the County.  In each group we progressed to a set of 10-20-30-40-50 of various exercises (too many to name here).  Each group made it all the way through to visit all three ghosts and then some.  We circled back up, as Tiny Tim wanted to do some Mary.  I was in the Christmas spirit, so I let Holy Roller go first.  He obviously selected burpees, but not only burpees – 4 COUNT BURPEES! We got to 10 and I was thinking, man those suck.  Then we got to 15 and I am thinking when will he stop.  Then 20 and he finally hinted but not before saying (we are doing to 30).  Whew!  Luckily Dauber was up next and he elected for a 10 count.  We finished up Mary, called time and headed to the flags.  I was discussing the ghost flag and was ready to hand it over to the Posh, when in true WWE fashion, the heels stepped in.  Le Pew announced that the Boondocks guys step forward and there were a lot of them, including Dauber, which seemed like when Hulk Hogan flipped to the NWO.  The Posh guys looked like Clark when he got his Jelly of the Month club subscription.  Not many announcements or intentions, but we did talk about reaching out to those in need and struggling the holidays.  We are all very blessed in our lives and I am extremely blessed to have each of you in my life.  Merry Christmas to all and Tiny Tim added “God blesses every one”. 

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