12.24.20 BB The Inferno @ The Station-BigBird Q

12.23.2019 – I went under the knife to repair a complete tear of my ACL. As I was reflecting over the last year, a flurry of thoughts and emotions came over me. Everything from: thinking I’d be ready to return in 3 months (if Tiger or Devitto are reading this, they’re laughing their a$$es off), to being humbled, to being depressed, feeling old. At about month 6, I decided to change my outlook. There are people out there that have it way worse than me and I needed to stop feeling sorry for myself. I would think about them as I was trying to recover. I would think about you men, out in the gloom, getting after it and pushing each other….after being strict with PT, and at about month 10, was finally cleared to continue on, participating with you men on doing some completely stupid and utterly pointless stuff.

If you know the Hack brothers, aka Jolly Rancher and Captain Crunchberry, you’ll know that they can be relentless. Day 1 after returning to The Gloom, Captain asks when I’ll be ready to Q The Station. He suggested a One Year Return to the Gloom celebration. Sign me up…and so it was….

December 24th, Christmas Eve, one year and a day from my surgery. Now…somehow, I found myself as a Q a couple times prior to and must have been feeling,…I don’t know…back in the swing? Confident? Perhaps maybe even a bit cocky? I gave in to Amber and Brittany’s temptation and let them overshadow a milestone. But can you blame me? If you saw the pic didn’t you find yourself feeling both Naughty….and Nice? #inspiration

The men that would join me on this day: Captain Crunchberry, Honey Do, Hush Puppy, Muncher, Mr. Hat, BigBird (Q)

COP: SSH, Grass Grabbers, Abe Vagodas, right over left and left over right Hammy stretch, L and R Quad stretch.

Tabata: Man, I’ve missed you!! 8 rounds – 40 seconds on 20 seconds off – Burpee Over Coupon

The Thang: Naughty and Nice: the Station has a perfect “L” shape to it. One direction would be Nice: Merkins, Burpees, Air Presses and Air Squats. The other direction would be Naughty: Diamond Coupon Merkins, Man Makers, Coupon Push Press and Coupon Squats. We would start with two on one side – mosey to the top and back, two on the other side – mosey to the top and back. We would rinse and repeat, going up by two each time. By the time it was said and done, we had done 5 rounds 10 of each.

Time was called and we had three minutes. Conveniently, I had a song just about that long for just this occasion. YHC would play D*** In a Box for the PAX. We would hold plank for the entirety of the song and drop for a Merkin every time we heard “Box.”

After the song and discussing how crazy it was that it’s been 14 years since that song debuted, we headed for the Flag.

COR, NOR & COT: Announcements: Talked about The Station moving to The Boondocks, effective 1/7. Iron Horse Challenge. Intentions: There is a teacher at St. Al’s that’s been in and out of the hospital over the past year, getting Cancer treatments. And here YHC is complaining about a short 10 months trying to recover. My ask to the PAX: we all have things going on…injuries endured, demons we struggle with…but out there, there are people that are worse off. Let us use what this group gives us to put our woes to the side and be that beacon of light to help those out of the darkness.

…Said a Hail Mary (Happy Birthday Jesus!)

Until next time…


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