Backblast 12.28 Big Mo @ Vets

While trying to find a coupon workout that we had not completed before, I stumbled across a few exercises that all had sexually suggestive names.  These names triggered my curiosity and thus a sexually themed workout was born.

PAX (7): Cousin Eddie, Diablo, Handbook, Tony Malito, Violet (Q), Worm, Yoshi

Warm Up:

  • ½ mile jog
  • Neck, Arms, Hips, Knee and Ankle Rotations (3 x each direction)
  • Michael Phelps (15 seconds)
  • Lunges x 10

Thang 1:  Boom Boom Room

  • 5 sets of:  5 x Snatch followed by 10 x Thruster
  • Farmer carry coupon 1 lap around monument (victory lap)

Thang 2:  Jerkin my Gerkin

  • 5 sets of: 10 x Split Jerk, 5 x Clean and Jerk, 10 x Jackoff Junkie
  • 1 lap jog around monument

Thang 3: Humpty Dance

  • 100 x Fast Feet on Coupon, 100 x  Step Ups, 50 x Curls

Thang 4: Freak of the Week

  • 2 sets of: 10 x Hand Incline Push Ups, 10 x Dips on Coupon, 1x Around the World

Thang 5: Roll her over in the clover

  • 30 seconds of Jo Lo, 30 seconds of Pickle Pounders, 45 seconds of A-Rods

Pretty good workout with lots of great Mumblechatter.  I learned more about gout than I wanted to know and found out that Cousin Eddie is a secret U of L basketball fan.   

COR, NOR, COT: Announcements included Blood Drive. Expressed thankfulness for the birth of our lord and savior and lifted up our concerns for him to ease our burdens.  God bless.

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