BB – Loco @ the County – 12/29/2020

Honey Do 2020 count down list.

It was a jittery start, having set two alarms and snoozing the 1st the race was on to arrive in time to setup Honey Do’s neatly organized wienkie on a cardboard box in the parking. Having arrived @ 5:25:00 to a clean parking lot, wienkie on a box was dropped with 4mins 55 sec to spare. As the PAX arrived and huddled, brief disclaimer given. I could tell these men were ready to work, we promptly started @ 5:30.COP: Mosey to top lot SSH 15(ic), Toy Soldiers 10(ic), Downward Dog(RL, RR, LR, LL, Cobra), Michael Phillips, return mosey. PAX: Hush Puppy, Little Jerry, Asian Zing, Double Down, Big Bird, Honey Do (Q). Thang: 2020 count down HIMS moved left to right completing 5 rounds.

Rounds 5 working in Desc order. 

50|40|30|20|10 – Flutter Kicks

50|40|30|20|10 – Merkins

50|40|30|20|10 – Curls for the girls

50|40|30|20|10 – Squats

50|40|30|20|10 – Overhead Press

Completing each round with a 1/8 mile Run stopping half way w/ HIMS choice of box jumps or calf raises(complete 1/2 of the rds reps).

The final countdown was competed in reverse order from 10 to 1 with Manmakers.

Without doubt the grunt chatter was prevalent as each HIM worked hard. I’ll admit, this turned out to be tougher than I imagined. We  completed 2020 but moving into 2021 and starting an ascending order proved to be out of react as time expired.

COR, NOR, announcements: Get to the Inferno on 12/31/2020, 6:30am @ the firehouse. Intentions and prayer to close.

“Let God grant what is in your heart and fulfill all your plans” Psalm 20:4

Honey Do

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