BB Squid Q – The Max @ Bayside12.29.2020

7 PAX showed up ready to work at 0530. Disclaimer was given and we took a short mosey to the back of the high school. We circled up to get stretched out and warmed up. After a few exercises our last HC showed up making 8 in attendance.

Charolais (R)
Banana Bread
Firing Pin
Squid (Q)

Our one and only thang to day was to run around the middle school. The catch was we were going to do 5 merkins and 5 big boy sit ups at each light pole. We made it all the way around the loop mixing in various types of merkins and movements. Once we made it back to the bend headed around the side of the school, we swapped to calf raises and squats at each light pole. We worked our way back to our starting point and took a brief 10 count. For our journey back to the flag we alternated all out and mosey from one light pole to the next.

Once back at the flag we took a few minutes for some a-la-carte mary work.

Time was called and we circled up around the flag. COR, NOR announcements and intentions.

As always, it’s an honor to lead this group. Charolais is a stubborn ol’ bull that refuses to let a nagging injury keep him out of the gloom, much respect. Banana Bread fought with determination and came from behind to defeat the fartsack this morning, well done! Pickleball decided that two miles and 125ish merkins/big boys wasn’t enough and took it upon himself to do his with a ruck plate on his back, #beastmode.

Great job gentleman!

Until Next Time,


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