Backblast 12/31/20-Pelican Q at the Inferno

I’m not going to talk about what exercises we did or did not do. There were probably more we didn’t do than did though. Today’s workout served as both the last workout of the year and the last workout at the Station as an official AO. I wanted to end the year right and have a bit of 2nd F to go along with our 1st F. I ended up flipping that around but don’t think any of the PAX there would complain.

We moved the workout back an hour to accommodate anyone who want to hit the County with Le Pew or get a run in before the Station. I was also told that 5:30 is too early to drink but 6:30 would be a good time to start. All in all we had 14 PAX show up, the first 4 hit the County too—Le Pew, Ice Man (R), Honey Do, Big Bird, FOCKER, Dauber, Meter Maid, WILDflower, Fungi, Jolly Rancher, Captain Crunchberry, Hush Puppy, Cratchit and me. We also had a variety of refreshments including some PettyMary’s which are Bloody Mary’s made by WILDflower. They were 🔥.

I felt bad just hanging out and drinking for 45 minutes so we had a series of toasts with the best playlist I ever made (Dauber’s words not mine) playing in the background. We toasted to things like new F3 members, VQs, new kids and a host of other things. Then we went around the circle and had everyone say something they were happy/proud of that happened this year potentially as a result of COVID. See we can all agree 2020 sucked and had a lot of bad but we can’t forget about all the good that did happen. It was moving to hear what everyone had to share and hope the PAX felt the same way. I closed by sharing that while we couldn’t do a lot this year the one thing that was constant was F3. Whether it was in person, on Zoom, or thru FaceTime (scratch that we never did that) a brother was there for you. It kept me motivated all year and allowed me a chance to forget the challenges at home and in the world. Here’s to a decent 2020 and even better 2021.

We did Countarama, Nameorama, intentions and announcements. I don’t remember what they were other than the Boondocks now has a Thursday workout and Le Pew is trying to steal all the PAX from the County for it instead of HL new guys. I want to again thank Crunchberry and Fungi for the leadership at the Station. It was always a fun time and a random group there most days..

Last but not least post workout a few of us are all having one last beer when a low rider, neon green car pulls into the station lot and backs into a parking spot. I asked the Captain if he recognized the car and he said he didn’t. You will never believe who got out of the car—it was Airplane! No that’s not true, he wasn’t there again. It was a guy in his mid 50s who responded to Captains question of if he was lost with no I’m here to paint a stripe. Which was weird cause no one was there to meet him, we just happened to be drinking in the parking lot. He proceeded to paint said stripe but I’m pretty sure he was casing the Station and will be stealing a fire truck soon. Thanks to Bird we learned the car was white but the green is a wrap (whatever that means). We also learned it has 8 12s (huh?) and thanks to Hush Puppy I learned those are speakers and that would be super loud. Anyways if a fire truck is missing soon I have a suspect.

Until next time


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