Back-Blast Saturday 01-02-2021 – The Fog @ Poshland

Slack was extraordinarily active last night as PAX from all over F3 Louisville threw out options for pre-Fog workouts…Rucks, Murphs, Ruck PTs, leisurely walks, etc.  It seemed everyone wanted to be a Posh on Saturday morning, but I wasn’t sure if anyone actually wanted to be at the Fog workout.  I arrived a little early and saw a big group on the ruck which was cool, and then saw someone running by himself.  I couldn’t make out the stride but then noticed a shit-ton of watches on his arms so knew it was Cousin Eddie wrapping up his birthday Murph.  I know he wears too many watches and posts a bunch of weird stuff on Slack, and even though he hasn’t signed up for GrowRuck yet Cousin Eddie is a straight up beast.  Celebrating your birthday with a solo Murph is just bada$$.  
As 0700 neared several of the ruckers joined the growing crowd (Worm walked over but said something about having to set up for his Gator Bowl party so had to bolt), and any concern about light numbers was gone as we had a total of 19 PAX:  Iceman (R), Mr Kotter, Meter Maid, Jewel, Jitterbug (R), Natty Lite, Lady Bird (R), Charlotte (FNG), Bunghole, Cousin Eddie, SweeTART, F-Stop, Nutty Professor, Stickup, Diane Dukes, Bob Ross, PK, Drysdale, Dauber (Q).
Disclaimer was given and confirmed, we welcomed one FNG, I started the music (all Chili Peppers playlist), and we set out on a mosey over to the egg lawn for a moving COP (by “moving COP” I mean we kept moving between exercises…I don’t know that it was all that moving emotionally, but Jewel seemed to get choked up a bit when I asked when the Cards played their bowl game).  Anyway, the first stop was Downward Dog and PAX were told several times to stretch their calves as the second stop was Nuclears counting down from 10.  With calves burning now we moseyed a bit further for Kendra Newmans and Michael Phelps, then took a detour over to the underpass for Mountain climbers 30x.  Next, PAX were told to grab a rock and run to the top of the bridge and back.  We continued the mosey with one more stop for Groiners IC 10x and Grass Grabbers IC 10x, then headed to the coupon lot where we partnered up for the Main Thang – DORA.  One partner completed exercises at the far end of the coupon lot while partner 2 ran to the flag and back. On the run it was All You Got to the end of the parking lot and then mosey rest of the way. DORA Exercises: 100 Merkins; 150 BBSU; 200 Burpees (Jitterbug walked over to the board to confirm he had heard that right); 250 Squats; 300 4ct Flutter Kicks.

I put the burpees in the middle of the DORA to challenge us all to push through as fatigue took hold.  Man, those burpees were a serious grind and I know my AYG runs during the burpees got slower and slower.  But…it was a great F3 morning as the PAX were encouraging and challenging each other to push harder.  Shoutout to Jewel and PK who were pushing me throughout.  Also, I gotta call out Cousin Eddie again who was just killing the DORA exercises after doing a Murph…even giving Nutty Professor a hard time on his flutter kicks.

As I said, the burpees were a serious grind, so we had to cut the squats and flutter kicks a little short and head back to the flag for CoR, NoR, FNG (welcome Charlotte), Announcements (D2C, Freed to Bleed), Intentions, and a final prayer.  As we broke for the morning and started dispersing, I snapped this picture of Cousin Eddie casually walked over and breaking down his portable birthday pull up bar which cracked me up.

– Dauber

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