BB Squid Q – Gladiator @ The Abyss 01.01.2021

Watching the weather and recognizing the date, I knew this was going to be a “We don’t get up for easy” kind of day. After ringing in the new year with the wife and kids, I headed off to bed for a few hours of sleep. When the alarm went off, it didn’t take long for me to recognize the sounds of wind and rain on the house. I was not looking forward to this! However, many men throughout F3 made a similar commitments to show up in the gloom… That is the power of F3.

On my drive into the Abyss, I began reconsidering the weinke I had planned. We were going to crawl and climb our way up and down the hill by the lake. I decided that I did not want to slide around in mud and goose poop, so modifications were in order. I wanted out of the mud, but not out of the rain. So, I decided that the basketball court was going to be our spot. Unfortunately, that required some additional modification. I had planned on knocking out a couple hundred merkins and big boys. The asphalt would have ground our tailbones to a pulp and I think several are still recovering from Backflop’s butt blistering beatdown. That said, I made my mind up just as I was pulling into the park. This was going to hurt a little.

I backed into the parking spot a couple spaces down from Mr. Hat and before I could get out of the car, F-Stop backed in between us. Yes Pelican, everyone backed into their spots. I assumed that this would likely be the extent of our group, and I was quickly proven correct. The clock hit 0530, time to get after it.

I gave the disclaimer and we took a short mosey to the boat dock intersection and back.

We circled, I mean triangled, up on the basketball court and started our 21 SSH IC. I counted the first 5 and the rest were done in silence. If the PAX didn’t stop together there was going to be a penalty (21 pickle pounders). Fortunately, even at the early hour, the focus was on point and we stopped together like a well oiled machine.

Next we completed some batwings (4 following exercises without putting your arms down) to get our shoulders warmed up:
– 20 Kendra Newmans (Forward)
– 21 Seal Claps
– 20 Kendra Newmans (Reverse)
– 21 Overhead Claps

We stretched out a little more before I explained the thang.

I wanted to help further reinforce the memory of the new year, so we were going to climb our way to 21. We lined up on the sideline where we would do one Burpee. We would travel to the other sideline and do two burpees. Back to the other side, three burpees… All the way up to 21. For burpees 1-7, we bear crawled one way and crawl beared back. For 8-14 we were going to crab walk, but I modified on the fly to a duck walk because I literally couldn’t hold the crab walk position. For 15-21 we moseyed down and Bernie Sanders back.

It didn’t take long for the suck to settle in. The mumble chatter was strong and half the time someone sounded like they were giving birth to burpees. during one of our trips across the court, F-Stop asked how many burpees we would end up doing. I hesitatingly told him, I thought it was around 230. After a couple more trips he confidently stated that we would be completing 231 burpees… if we finished.

At 6:05 we had 19, 20 and 21 to go. At 6:10 we knocked out 21 as F-Stop kept us updated on our totals, “215… 220… 225… 230… 231!!!”

With a minute to spare we took a ten count to move our arms and cool down our shoulders.

COR, NOR, Announcements (IHC, Blood Drive) and Intentions.

We each expressed a deep gratitude for this group and specifically for the three men that ignored their personal desire to succumb to the fartsack today. We are all better after having found F3.

Until Next Time,


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