Backblast The Motivator at the Abyss 1/4/21

Thanks to all who joined me at the Abyss Monday Morning. It was a beautiful Star filled sky, but as always DARK; So much so that I got Back Flop and Flip Flop mixed up; My Bad HIM, what can I say; Im old

PAX- Jitterbug (QIC), Mr Hat, Bob Ross, Flip Flop, F Stop, Methane, Storm Trooper

Mosey from Basketball Court down the Hill to the Lake for COP= SSH, Grassgrabbers, Hillbilly Walkers, Kendra Newmans, Stretching, 10 Merkins and Mountain Climbers to get Warmed up.

Thang 1- Short Mosey to Picnic Tables at the bottom of Hill. PAX performed 4 Rounds of 10 Each of a Merkin Variation, 10 Step Ups and 10 Dips. (Merkin variations were high incline from the Table Top, Low Incline from the bench, Standard Merkin, and then Derkin

Thang 2- Mosey back up the Hill to Basketball Court. Had the PAX Perform set of 3 exercises in a row and then do an all you got Suicide on the Basketball Court. Exercises were 5 Boyos, 10 Groaners, 15 Copperhead Squats……Rinse and Repeat.

Thang 3- Mosey to Circle next to Playground. PAX performed my version of a triple nickel with apologies to Mamas Boy if I got it wrong. 5 Carolina Dry Docks, Run 1 lap around playground then 5 Tuck Jumps, Rinse and Repeat 5 Times

Thang 4- Jack Webb of Big Boys Sit-ups and Single Count American Hammers

Thang 5- Back to the basketball court for round 2 of a 5-10-15 exercise with the Suicide Sprint x2. Exercises 5 Boyos, 10 Jump Squats, 15 Plank Jacks.

3 minutes of Mary and Time. COR, NOR and Intentions. We spoke about the importance of how we act and react at such a time of uncertainty and division in our City and Country. So many are experiencing hardship, sickness, mental anguish; We are more alike than we are different and it is important to be a positive influence. I thanked the group for their motivation and I am so grateful to this group for making me a better man. Always an honor to lead. Jitterbug Out

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