01.08.2021 Back Blast – The Baptizer @ The Garden

Getting ready for this Q, YHC went back into the vault and realized I had not Q’d the garden since January of 2020, ya know, back in the good old days. So, getting ready for this one, I put in a little extra time than normal. In other words, I planned this one out prior to the drive to the AO.

PAX: Jewel, Huggies, Wide Right, Nice and Slow, Nino, Diane Dukes, Uncle Rico, Worm, Jimmy Neutron, Subprime, Edward Scissorhands, Banana Bread, Stick Up (Q).

COP: Mosey to the big lot and circled up for: 25 SSH (IC), 10 Grass Grabbers (IC), 15 Toy Soldiers (IC), 10 Imperial Walkers (IC), Downward Dog, Calf L/R, RightRight, LeftLeft, Mosey to the base of the split hills.

THANG: I like to run 11’s when standing at the bottom of a hill but wanted something different this morning. In order to keep things rather simple we kept the numbers small, 5’s. The difference this time, once you finished the number of reps between cones 1 and 2 you moved to the next station of cones. So, cone 2 now becomes one end and cone three is the other end for the next round of 5’s. There were six stations in all. The movements were:

Cone 1: Manmakers
Cone 2: Burpees
Cone 3: Pull Through Hand Release Merkins
Cone 4: Wolverine Burpees
Cone 5: Coupon Thrusters
Cone 6: Kracken Burpees

We got busy and ended up finishing at the thruster station right next to the flags when time was called.

COT: countOrama, nameOrama, Announcements, Intentions, Words of Thanks.

It was an honor to have these HIMs show up and allow me to lead them through some stuff to make each one of us better! Thanks for the invite Gardenettes!

Until the next one,

-Stick Up

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