BB – 1/15/21 Gladiator @ The Abyss, Techno style

Where do even begin with this BB? For starters, I pull up with 5 min to go and find 30+ cars parked at the Abyss. For a moment I thought I was going to a festival in the fields based on the sheer number of cars. As I tried to find a parking space…oh wait, there wasn’t any left. So I parked in the grass and proceeded to grab my supplies for the Q. Because I parked my car on an incline, I went to open the back hatch and believe it or not hit my head hard on the top of the hatch…I must be growing taller or the car is getting shorter. How about that Pelican?

So like I said, I grabbed my lights/glow sticks/coupon and headed to the basketball court. To my surprise, there were an absurd amount of PAX gathered around in a circle. I’m not gonna lie, I was thinking how the hell am I going to lead 30+ dudes on a WO in the complete dark…so the nerves did set in.

As I sat down my WO props, PAX were wondering why I brought out a kids rocket launcher. This thing shoots small foam rockets when you step on an air pump. AND they light up. But more on that story later.

PAX continued to flow in as the clock hit 5:30. I gave the disclaimer that I’m not a professional, modify as necessary and you’re here on your own free will. And especially with 33 total PAX, I asked that we give each other some space. Disclaimer was confirmed.

Queue techno music and lights. I picked up my rocket lights and broke out in the most incredible rave dance for all the PAX to see. I don’t think they saw this coming. Yeah, Backflop still has some college techno moves. After Pelican had time to make some comments, I put the lights down and started with COP.

1/15/21 – Gladiator @ The Abyss
Tiny Tim 2.0
Bulletin (R)
Flo Jo
Tammy Faye Baker
Dollar Short
Flip Flop
Mr Hat
Uncle Sam (R)
Jolly Rancher
Big Bird
Harry Caray
Motor Boat
Stick Up
Brown Water
Backflop (Q)

COP – 20x SSH IC, 10x Toy Soldiers IC, 10x GG IC, downward dog and quad stretches.

The main enchilada (THANG)-

I asked the PAX to pick up their coupons and follow me. As we were en route to the golf course, LePew said that Dollar Short was gonna fartsack today. Well, I do remember seeing a text from Dollar Short that he was running late due to a train, but LePew guaranteed me he was fartsacking. Then Fungi stepped up and said Dollar Short was definitely coming. Right then, he pulls up and now we went from 32 PAX to 33.

So I had this whole thing planned out in my head. I had looked at the google map view of the golf course prior to the WO and noticed we could cut through some thicket to get to the first hole. That proved a little more difficult than I thought. As we started our way trailblazing through the grass, I had noticed there was a roped-off area we had to cross to get to the other side. I made sure the PAX knew of the rope so they didn’t trip. Pelican made sure to let me know I was small enough to go under the rope vs over the rope. True HIM right there looking out for a brother. Ha! So as we made our way past the rope, we encountered 20-30’ of thorn bushes…yikes. Let’s just say at this point the PAX were a bit weary of the Q and where the hell I was taking them. Jolly Rancher was keeping me in his crosshairs with the ole iron first of his. He asked me if this was my first Q. We all know better than that Jolly. I thought he might pull the plug on this nonsense midway through, but he graciously let me proceed.

We pressed on to the first green where we started our exercises. I had the PAX circle around the green and we did the following exercises:

30x overhead press, 30x bicep curls, 30x bent over rows, 30x skull crushers, 30x flutter kicks, 30x hello dollies, 30x LBC’s, 30x big boy sit-ups, 30x Merkins

Then we dropped coupons and ran the cart path “loop” I had planned out. Let’s just say I didn’t measure the distance ahead of time and it was a LONG couple of holes…like 2+ miles of running. It was tough to keep 33 dudes together, but it worked well in the end. As the front group pushed the pace, we’d stop and do SSH, plank jacks, or mountain climbers until the 6 showed up. This seemed to work well. Mad props to Big Bird for helping direct traffic toward the end to get all PAX back to hole #1 and accounted for. Thanks brother.

Time was running out at this point as I had misjudged the distance. We picked up the coupons and headed back to the flags.

As we made our way back, I dropped my coupon off at the car and grabbed 2 miniature firework army tanks. Yeah I said that right, I brought fireworks to my Q. I separated the PAX into 2 groups. Lit the tanks and let them shoot sparks and catch on fire. It was freaking awesome. Hushpuppy representing group #1, his tank traveled further than WILDflower’s tank representing group #2. So 10x BOYOS for group #2 and 10x Merkins for group 1. I don’t think anybody did these exercises as we were at 6:18 and past time, but it was fun nevertheless.

Oh and back to my rocket launcher I brought. Well, we never got to that part as time expired. I was hoping to split the PAX up into 2 groups and have a launching event down boat ramp to see who could launch their rocket the furthest. That will go in the saved weinke bank for next time.

Huge shout out to the men of the O that traveled far to try and snag that ghost flag. The County clipped them by 1 PAX, which The County boys awarded Tiny Tim the WIN on getting the ghost flag and edging out the O crew. Getting out of bed @ 5AM at his age is tough. Great work buddy! I suppose I should also give The County a shout out too…I was once a County guy. 2x HIMs from Posh showed, but too little too late. The Boonies were in semi-full representation mode, but couldn’t get the job done. I’m blaming not getting the ghost flag on Holy Roller, Cochran, Focker and Colonial Klink. Still love ya guys.

Time was finally called at 6:20…sorry once again Jolly. I don’t seem to follow rules very well.

It was definitely a great Friday and so awesome to see all the PAX out at the Abyss.

CoR, NoR, Announcements and COT – I prayed for the PAX. I’m humbled to be part of such an awesome group of guys.

By the way, my techno playlist was 🔥! Can I get an Amen? Peace out, Backflop

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