BB DeVitto The Foundry at the County 1.13.2021

I apologize for this BB being a day late! We had 5 solid PAX come out for a stroll around the County: Yankovic, Brown Water, Holy Roller, Gisele, and yours truly. Our warm-up included side straddle hops (15), toy soldiers (15), grass grabbers (10), and then some stretching consisting of DD, cobra, right knee/right shoulder and left knee/left shoulder. We then grabbed our coupons and rifle carried them around the County. Every time a PAX stopped to rest, they would do 10 reps of either burpees, squats, or lunges. Each PAX needed to accumulate at least 25 reps of burpees, 50 squats, and 75 lunges each leg during their trip around the County. Once that was completed, we did 30/30, 20/20, and 10/10. 30 reps of thrusters and bent over rows, 20 reps of birds (basically a snow-angel on your belly – 4 count) and flutter-kicks, and 10 man makers and swings. We followed that up with a light mosey. We concluded with Mary – heart breakers, gas pumps, curls, flutter kicks. Holy Roller about killed us with the 50 curls which I guess is better than 50 man makers! It was a great way to end things.

We then circled up and did announcements, intentions, and prayer. Every one put out today and got better. Humbled to lead. DeVitto out!

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