BB – Big Kapowski @ Bayside 1/21/21

This was my first trip to Bayside and it didn’t disappoint. This AO is massive. So many places to explore, which if you know me, I’ll certainly be back for more.

As I pulled up, I noticed the Abyss men out there. All 4.5 of them. Squid counts as half. Ha! I knew they were there to capture the ghost flag and that they did.

1/21/21 – Big Kapowski @ Bayside
Shark bait
Shuttlecock (R)
Mr. Hat
Uncle Sam (R)
Flip Flop
Jimmy Neutron
Charolais (R)
Slide Rule
Backflop (Q)

Clock hit 5:30 and I gave the disclaimer that I’m not a professional, modify as necessary, you’re here on your own free will/accord and any exercise I call out is merely a suggestion.

COP – 20x SSH IC, 10x Toy Soldiers IC, 10x GG IC, 20x high knees IC (which I said were low knees for me…you’d be so proud Pelican), downward dog stretches.

THANG 1 – find a parking space and trace out the alphabet (capital letters) within your parking space by running/shuffling to trace each letter, then drop and do 5x Merkins between each letter. I learned my lesson last time I ran this WO NOT to do 10 Merkins between tracing the letters.

THANG 2 – we ran around the campus and stopped at various locations to do 30x of each exercise – flutter kicks, LBC’s, BIG Boys sit-ups, etc. I found a nice 100 yard straightaway on the backside of the school where I separated the PAX into 2 groups and we ran 100 yard sprints down and back. Then we mosied back to the flag area for THANG #3.

Meanwhile Squid commented that my play list was WAY better than Pelican’s playlist. Well, it was good until Raining Tacos came on. I quickly hit skip and we were back on track.

THANG #3 – we worked with coupons. All exercises were called out in cadence. 30x overhead press, 30x bicep curls, 30x bench press, 20x Skull crushers, 20x coupon swings, 30x squats.

We then ran again – around 2 parking lots, which was like 1/2 mile more of running. We stopped half way back in parking lot #2 and dropped to do some Mary as time was running out. We did gas pumps, pickle pounders and finished up with 15x Merkins. I then instructed the PAX to run all-out to the flags.

Time was called.

CoR, NoR, Announcements, COT – we prayed for our nation.

It was great to finally make my way to Bayside and put some faces to the names I’ve seen for at least the last year. I’ll be back men!


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