BB Le Pew – Moonshiner @ The Boondocks – 1.21.2021


  • Yankovic (R)
  • Bulletin (R)
  • Cochran
  • Col. Klink
  • Le Pew (Q)


  • Side straddle hops (25 in cadence)
  • Toy soldiers (25 in cadence)
  • High knees (15 in cadence)
  • Good mornings (10 in cadence)
  • Grass Grabbers (10 in cadence)
  • Downward Dog

After COP we moseyed around the park trail with mumble chatter explaining the difference between Irish Dancing Riverdance-style and South Carolina Clogging. Yankovic performed a few steps beautifully for the PAX, and the main difference seems to be that one can move their arms with the South Carolina Clog.

We also discussed the difference between a banjo and a ganjo. Here is the ganjo (AKA the banjitar)

The Thang:

  • 20/40s
    • The goal is to sprint 100 yards in 20 seconds then run back to the starting line in 40 seconds
    • Rinse and repeat 20 times
    • If you don’t make it back to the line by the start of the new minute you had the option of Merkins, Big Boys, or Side Straddle hops
    • The PAX crushed it.

Moseyed back through the park’s trail for Mary. Total mileage had us right at 3 miles.


  • Downward Dog into
  • Pigeon Pose into
  • Scorpion Pose into
  • Reverse Flutterkicks (25 in cadence)
  • Flutterkicks (25 in cadence)
  • Reverse Flutterkicks (25 in cadence)
  • Flutterkicks (25 in cadence)
  • Yankovic introduced the PAX to gravity pulls
    • These are a great exercise and will be incorporated into my WOs more often
  • Yankovic then led us with Gaspumps (25 in cadence)
  • Cochran introduced Yankovic to Pickle Pounders (25 in cadence)
  • Bulletin called out LBC’s (25 in cadence)
  • Nature called Col. Klink
  • Time

We raise up those needing physical healing and strength. Particularly Robert Croft Sr., Steven Presley, Bulletin’s aunt, and Holy Roller’s newborn niece. All things are possible in Him, and to Him goes all the glory.

Giddy up!

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