BackBlast: 1/21/21 – Temple of Gloom @ The O

Conditions: 39°F and partly cloudy. Nice and gloomy.

PAX (11): Violet, Vincent (R), Flo Jo, Nan Moore, Russdiculous, Harry Caray, Hot Wheels, No Nuts, Motor Boat, Whitney (R), Handbook (Q)

Here’s how it went down: 

Quick disclaimer @ 0530. The lights were left on one of the baseball diamonds so I decided to mosey over there for Warm-O-Rama. The diamond all lit up in the darkness reminded me of the movie ‘Field Of Dreams’ so I think that’s what I’ll call that area of The O from now on.


  • 20x SSHs IC
  • 15x Imperial Walkers IC
  • 15x Grass Grabbers IC
  • 15x Plank Jacks IC
  • 15x Mtn Climbers IC
  • Yoga stretches

The one & only THANG: 22 + 22 = 44

After WoR, we moseyed across the street to the parking lot @ CAL with a trip around the horse stable fence to establish the loop we would use later. If you read my pre-blast, you know that I gave the PAX a math problem to solve as homework before coming to ToG. 22+22 = ???. Happy to say that most in attendance gave the correct answer of 44.

This number is significant because as a part of the thang, the PAX would be completing rounds of exercises in 2 sets of 22. It looked like this…

PAX lined up lengthwise across the parking facing the fence and completed the movements below. After each 22 rep set, PAX bear crawled across the lot, did 5 BOYOs, then lunged walked back.

  • Round 1: 22x flutter kicks IC, 22x LBCs IC
  • Run 1/4 mile loop
  • Round 2: 22x hand release merkins, 22x dips
  • Run 1/4 mile loop
  • Round 3: 22x copperhead squats IC, 22x calf raises IC
  • Run 1/4 mile loop
  • Round 4: 22x Freddie Mercurys IC, 22x big boys
  • Run 1/4 mile loop

All in all, PAX completed 1 mile of running, 40 burpees, many yards of bear crawls/lunge walks, and 176 reps of various exercises.

After the final 1/4 mile loop, we moseyed back to the Field of Dreams to close out with some Mary.


  • 15x Gas Pumps IC
  • 10x Merkins
  • 15x American Hammers IC
  • 10x Merkins
  • 15x V-ups

This brought us right to 0615 so one last short mosey back to the flag for CoT.

CoT: Ended with announcements about the monthly ruck tomorrow night and a last minute plug for the Hope Scarves fund raiser attached to the event. Closed with a few words to challenge the PAX to pray for the folks struggling to get through this challenging time we find ourselves in currently. Extra intentions were said for our community’s children during these times.

Always thankful for the men that get up and give me the chance to lead them. Extra thanks to Hot Wheels for making this his first workout back after completing the GORUCK Bragg Heavy this past weekend!

Truly proud to be a part of all this.



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