BB Pelican Q the Escalator at the Abyss 1/20/21

It went down like this. Site Q who shall remain nameless reached out trying to fill his Qs. Me being the HIM that I am graciously filled one for him. Said Site Q day before the workout starts planning a Ghost Flag Trip with the Bayside Boys. Yes the site Q on Wednesday at the Abyss was not only going to steal the ghost flag with another AO but he was doing it on the day he was the site Q. Maybe my preblast that claimed to have no tricks, gimmicks or other BS gave him confidence in me. Or maybe he didn’t read the 90 page site Q playbook from Jolly Ranger (it does sound a lot cooler) with the note below in it–

During:YOU better post. It is vital to the success of the site that you are there. Every time. Period. This also helps to make sure that your Q never finds himself leading alone. Find another PAX you can rely on as a back up in the event you can’t post.

Anyway enough about how unnamed site Q sucks as site Q (this back blast is also being sent more than 48 hours after the workout but whatever). Oh he also went to Bayside the next day and stole the flag back for the Abyss….unnamed site Q is freaking awesome!

Ok back to the workout, as I said no funny business..ok maybe just a tad bit. HIM in attendance were-

Meter Maid
Flip Flop
Mr Hat
Uncle Sam (R)
Pelican (Q)

HIM not in attendance-Airplane, Squid (not quite sure where he was) and a host of other PAX who wisely posted elsewhere or stayed in the fart sack.

Got there right on time as I took longer grabbing Tidwell than I thought. Also if you ever give that guy a ride he’s always ready to go. Going to put a lot of pressure on us when he starts picking us up from 3rd Turn in a few months. With the help of Backflop I was set up with two white boards, speakers, playlists and lights.

Did the disclaimer and then we circled up for COP and we started with Toy Soldiers. Well most of us, basically all of us except 1 started with Toy Soldiers. Meter Maid started with SSH. I looked over at him (right next to me) on about the 8th Toy Soldier and he was busting out some SSH. Its really dark there but its not that dark. Also Meter is well aware of my disdain for SSH. I rarely Q them and even more rarely start with them. The rest of COP I just laughed, my cadence was way worse than usual and we did SSH as I was so thrown off. I also wanted Meter to do them again but he did Toy Soldiers this time to make up for the ones he missed. Backflop was even talking about being an expert on height and I almost let it slide without a short joke, almost.

Ok back to the workout–play list was Feel Good Country on the b-ball courts and Bone Thugs and Harmony’s greatest hits (didn’t know they had that many songs) on the boat ramp. I told Backflop to pick a playlist, try to make it bad and I’d take the blame. I lied to Backflop–it was his shitty playlist we had to listen to. We had 4 rounds of 3 exercises at each location. Reps were 5/10/15.

B-ball Court Exercise with Coupons

Manmakers/big boys/merkins

Thrusters/something else/Flutter kicks

Curl to press/V-ups probably/Squats?

Something/something else/Calf Raises

Boat Dock Exercises-

Burpees/big boys/merkins–bear crawl

Jump squats/v-ups/air press-Mario

exercise a/exercise b/flutter kicks-Bernie Sanders (old style not new style bundle up Bernie Sanders)

no clue/not sure/calf raises (mosey)

We did the first set of exercise then ran to the boat dock and did first set there. On the way back we did the mode of transportation listed above. Originally I said all the way up the boat dock road thing and Mr Hat wisely questioned that (kind of what a Site Q would have done). I got down there and switched it to just go to the gazebo. Sometimes when I plan workouts I forget that I have to actually do them too.

As expected the Flops and Mr. Hat led the pace. Meter wasn’t far behind them and the rest of us were a bit further back . Probably to make sure the six was taken care of since the Site Q wasn’t there. We got through all the exercises and started on them again (adding 5 reps to each one). Backflop ate a head of cabbage the night before and smelled like it. Meter was placed downwind from him due to his lack of following instructions. Uncle Sam and F-Stop were crushing it (even though I told F-Stop his last back blast sucked). Cratchit was a bit mad at Tidwell for asking me for a ride instead of him but he hid it pretty well.

We finished with a bit of Mary but since no one made me do this back blast within 48 hours I don’t remember what it was. I do know we did plank for the last minute or so. Closed with CoR, NoR, announcements and intentions (dick joke free ones too).

It was another great morning at the Abyss. Its probably a top 15 AO in the region–even without a site Q on Wednesday. I do believe Mr. Hat sent the missing site Q a sternly worded text in all CAPS. Had a lot of fun again.

Until the next time


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