1.23.21 BB- The Ruiner at The O

It was cold. Holy crap. But fret not- we would be moving throughout the workout.

Brave PAX

Vincent – R


Diane Dukes

Tammy Faye




Field Hockey – FNG

Jewel – Q

Disclaimer was given. We circled up at the Tennis courts for COP-

SSH IC x 20/ 5 Boyos

Toy Soldiers IC x 10/ 5 Boyos

Grass Grabbers IC x 10/ 5 Boyos

Off on a mosey around the O- told PAX to push themselves. Half way around- we stopped for downward dog and runners stretches. Great work by all pushing the pace.

Once back to the tennis courts we got to work on The Thang

The Thang

Each PAX worked on their own until they finished the set. We then ran the suicides together. The 300 lunge total sucked- especially after Worms workout on Friday. The krakens had to make a return because the FNG (my younger cousin) told me earlier in the week there wasn’t anything I could throw at him he couldn’t handle (16 yrs old and still young and dumb).

Everyone worked really hard and it was a pleasure and honor to lead the group.

Welcome FNG- Field Hockey!

SYITG- Jewel

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