BB Le Pew – The Silo @ North Posh – 1.25.2021


Yankovic (R)
Holy Roller (R)
Meter Maid
Col. Klink
Natty Lite
Jimmy Neutron
Edward Scissorhands
Le Pew (Q)

I was coming in hot this morning as I completely misjudged the time it would take me to get to the AO. I was late on Saturday at The Mutt, and there was no way I was going to do it again. I pulled into the parking lot as a squeal echoed off my tire’s rubber, Beck was howling over the speaker before I got out of the car, and the 13 PAX were waiting patiently at 0530.

I announced myself as the Q, and asked if there were FNGs. There weren’t and we started into the mosey as I exclaimed the disclosures.

We set off into the darkness of the gloom expecting a cold, wet, and grueling WO. But little did we know that the weather was going to be perfect. 1 of three ain’t bad – a grueling workout.

After a 1 mile mosey we got into the COP:

  • 3 boyos
  • 15 toy soldiers in cadence
  • 3 boyos
  • Nuclears – 7 on down
  • 3 boyos
  • Downward Dog called out by FOCKER
  • 3 boyos

The Thang:

Pax broke off into two groups:

Group 1: ten minutes of 20/40s

  • Sprint 20 seconds/mosey 40 seconds
  • 200 yards total
  • 10 times

Group 2:

  • 3 BOYOs at the bottom of the gated hill
  • Bernie Sanders up
  • 3 incline BOYOs at hill’s top
  • Mosey down
  • Rinse and repeat for 10 minutes

After ten minutes, the groups switched places.

At the end of the switch, we had a man down. One of my favorite new Boondockians, Yankovic, popped his hamstring. I was proud to see the men band around him, lift him up and take care of him. We leave no one behind.

We had a mile-long mosey to get back up the hill so we came up with a plan. FOCKER stayed with Yank and the rest of the Pax ran as fast as we could to the flag. The first back was Peacock who jumped in his car, drove down the hill to scoop Yank and FOCKER.

Col. Klink called out the first Mary exercise as the Pax waited for our fallen brother.

  • Freddy Mercuries – 30 in cadence
    • Great job encouraging the Pax Klink💪
  • Next, I led the group with reverse flutter kicks
    • Only the Sky Q knows how many we did.
  • Time was called – 0615

But we were still waiting on the six – Peacock hadn’t yet returned so I called on Holy Roller to lead the next exercise while we waited.

  • Plank Jack Burpees
    • Awesome – we did at least ten
  • Peacock arrived and we called time again.
  • It was 0617. But wait – FOCKER wasn’t in the car

HE SPRINTED back to the Pax and we could hear him coming from a mile away. At first it sounded as though a thousand Bull Elk in rut stampeding toward us; billowing and snorting up the hill in a terrifying and panicked heard. As he got closer FOCKER’s presence grew so loud that we all felt like we were in the middle of a hurricane while sanding next to a freight train.

While we waited and heard FOCKER storming toward us, bugling like the bull elk he is, Holy Roller led us with more plank jack Boyos. 0619

The stampede drew closer, the Pax transitioned to Big Boys. 0620

FOCKER returned.

We circled up around the flag together. 13 men started together. 13 men finished together.

Prayers for everyone needing healing.

Giddy up.

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