Back-Blast Wednesday 01-27-2021 – The Escalator @ The Abyss

We ran a lot this morning.  I was clear on that plan in the pre-blast so was pretty pumped to see the regular Abyss crew was pretty much all there (no surprise really…the Abyss boys are always putting in work).  There were two surprises though as Plumb Bob made his first post at the Abyss (and I didn’t realize he was there until COT…it is freaking dark okay!!) and Squid was there as Site Q.  I’m just gonna let that one simmer a bit.  Flip Flop arrived as usual with about 4 seconds to spare and again was carrying his extra credit weight for the full workout (i.e. a 17 pound keychain).  Backflop set his alarm this morning and was there on time.  Harbaugh surveyed the numbers and determined 9 PAX was “not too people-y” so hung with us.  Mr. Hat was kinda quiet…might have been a hangover from the Monday workout…might have been the constant running.  Uncle Sam and F-Stop round out the PAX…9 total.
Disclaimer was given and confirmed and we set out on the first of many runs down to the end of Abyss boat ramp for the first part of COP…SSH, Grass Grabbers, Downward Dog.  We headed back up the hill and stopped before making the turn to finish up COP with  Kendra Newmans and Michael Phelps, then made our way back to the basketball court.  These three spots would be our exercise stations for the main thang…LONG elevens.  The workout was as simple as it gets…we did 11s with a long run in between stations at the basketball court (MANMAKERS) and the end of boat ramp (T-MERKINS)…and we mixed in 10 4ct Flutter Kicks every time we made the turn both there and back.  On our first mosey during COP, Flip Flop informed me the distance was over 0.20 miles each way…which I had not really considered so modified by telling the PAX to run fast before we got going.  
It worked out pretty well…we naturally spaced out with the long runs and it was great to hear the PAX pushing each other the whole time.  Harbaugh summed it up pretty well when he scowled at me “that’s a long way to run for one push up”…he was right.  We ended up getting in 3+ miles and had to finish the 11s on the bball court.  I was smoked.
Time was called and we circled up for CoR, NoR, intentions and a final Our Father.
Great work gentlemen.

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