BackBlast 1/28/21 The Moonshiner @ The Boondocks – Fungi Q

It amazes me that 1) I’ve been doing this 2.5 yrs and 2) that I still don’t sleep great the night before a Q. I pretty much knew what I wanted to do, but knew the weather could throw a wrinkle into it…it did..kind of.

I showed up and the parking lot was chunky ice. Someone had been there and done donuts so there were tracks all over the place. I decided to call an audible and move the activities to the field between the basketball court and playground so there weren’t any slips or ankle turns. Turned out to be good move.

Weather – Cold and 2″ snow

Gear – Layers (4) – maybe that’s why I was my own 6

Pax: There’s a lot of “respect” out in these parts

R= Holy Roller, Yankovich, Jitterbug, Bulletin

Also – Backflop, LePew, Spree, Fungi Q



Toy Soldiers – 10 IC

Grass…errr…Snow Grabbers 10 IC

Thang 1 – Triple Nickel

5 Merkins + 50 yrd run + 5 merkins + 50 yd run + 5 Merkin and return….. x 5 rounds

Thang 2 – 11s

Squats + 50 yd run + 5 burpees + 50 yd run + Merkins, run all the way back

Thang 3 – 4 Corners

Pace setters did 100 SSH, the moved the pace to the other corners of squats, Big Boys and Bobby Hurleys

Mary –

Freddy Mercury – 20 IC

Nolan Ryans – 20 each arm

1 Min of LBCs


Announcements – Dare to Care 2/13 – Get with Jitterbug

Intentions – For those Pax who did, are, or will take a caregiver role for their parents. We talk about being better Dads, Husbands, Friends, Workers, but also not forget “Son”. As Yankovich said, the 4th Commandment is the only one that is accompanied by a promise: Honor your Father and Mother. THEN YOU WILL LIVE A LONG , FULL LIFE IN THE LAND THE LORD YOUR GOD IS GIVING YOU.

Always and honor to lead! We’ll do it again Saturday at The NEST!

– Fungi

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