BB-Pelican Q the Agony at the County 1/28/21

Lots of cold and lots of snow was in the forecast for the morning so figured I’d have to scrap my original plan and come up with something based on the safe space available and the # of PAX in attendance. With the snow coming down I wasn’t sure how many people would be there and thought maybe it would be just Gisele and me. But then I get a text from Tidwell asking if I’d get him for the workout. Of course I would, so if Gisele fartsacked at least I’d have someone to workout with. Felt bad as he probably sat on his front porch for 10 hours in the cold and snow but at least he was ready when I got there.

In what is becoming a theme for GCA Qs I ended up being a minute or two late for the workout. Not sure why Crunchberry is keeping the train on payroll still but I assume it’s LePews idea to f with the people posting at the County instead of the Boondocks.

Gisele texted me while I was sitting there letting me know he’s the only one there and that the snow plow is clearing the lots so we probably should park at the playground. Good call. As we were getting out of the car and starting COP Bird pulled up. We had 4 which was good, we could use the overhang space comfortably and not worry about the ice or snow.

We did normal COP stuff and then got ready to run some 11s. As I said on my preblast we were going with some good ol unedited rap music. Tidwell goes to Trinity so I’m sure he’s heard worse. Gisele is from Boston and every other word up there is fuck so he’s good. Big Bird is a children’s show star but he won’t care. Anyway we split the overhang space in half for our 11s and got started.

We started with Squats/Steps Ups then did Derkins and V-Ups. About that time we noticed part of the snow plow crew (a woman) out of the snow plow and doing some shoveling fairly close. Probably not close enough to hear Tupac but pretty close. We took a lap around the school and scared the shit out of the lady as she was on the side of the Nest. We got our next round of 11s started which were dips and calf raises. About this time Dr Dre was telling all his enemies what fat body part they could eat, rhymes with Nick. Of course around that same time the lady was right next to us. I tried my best to take my gloves off and change the song but with two pairs of gloves on and frozen fingers it was tough. I managed to get it changed as Dr was telling Luke what he could eat but damage was probably already done.

We finished that set of 11s and did one round to our max reps of the following-



Air Presses

Calf Raises

The key to doing a lot of calf raises on the bench is to actually stay on the bench. I think Bird was trying to get maximum movement and had just his toes on the bench. He fell fast but right on his feet and seemed ok. Birds always land on their feet, or is that cats? Whatever…

We closed with Gas Pumps, Flutter Kicks and a Plank. Maybe, I’m not sure really what we did but it was good.

Did CoR, NoR, intentions and announcements. Bird said it in his backblast from last Saturday but these small group workouts are awesome. You actually get to talk to everyone there. I knew everyone in attendance well but sometimes at the large attended workouts I only get to say hey to them. It was a good morning and while we didn’t do what I originally planned we worked hard and started the day right. And the good news is my weinke for the Loco is already ready. Also going to run back the playlist. Hope no one is shoveling snow.

Always my pleasure to lead


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