Backblast 1/20/21 The Nest @ The County (err..Boondocks West) – Fungi Q

HIMS are killing it all over the city as we start 2021. So many PAX just busting it and doing really cool stuff. I hadn’t Q’d the hourlong workout at the NEST in a long while, but felt I had to bring it. Hopefully I succeeded.

Weather – Cold but clear (along with a beautiful sunrise)

PAX: LePew & DeVitto (after 6 mile run), Bulletin (R), Asian Zing (R), Yankovic (R), Holy Roller (R), Hot Tamale, Gisele, Brown Water, Cratchit, Backflop (out front), Whiskers, Focker (Weighted), Wildflower, Sub Prime, Big Bird, Honey Do, Diane Dukes, Fungi (Q)

Showed up to LePew and DeVitto finishing up their 6 mile run by running a couple laps around the County.

Pax circled up with Coupons and I gave the disclaimer and had the pax line up their coupons along the parking lot island.

We then ran up to the front lot for COP:


10 Imperial Walkers IC

10 Toy Soldiers IC

10 Grass Grabbers IC

Ran back around the campus to Coupons (.5 mile complete)

THANG 1 – TRIPLE NICKEL with Coupons

5 Merkins + Carry Coupon 40 yds + 5 Merkins + Carry Coupon 40 yds + 5 Merkins +Carry Coupon 80 yds back to start ….x 5 rounds

Run .5 Mile Lap

Thang 2 – 11s Overhead press, burpees, Bobby Hurleys

10 overhead press with coupon, run 40 yds, 2 burpees, run 40 yds, 1 Bobby Hurley…all you got back….and so forth

Run .5 mile lap

Thang 3 – 11s Curls and Big Bois (no burpees in the middle this time)

Mary – 20 Nolan Ryans each arm


Summary: ~4 miles, 75 merkins, 55 overhead press, 55 Bobby Hurleys, 20 Burpees, 55 curls, 55 big boys, Nolan Ryans, mumblechatter, encouragement, beautiful sunrise. Not too shabby.


Announcements : Tony Malito ruck. Our TAPs were with you TM.

Intentions: Backflop for Steve, Bulletin’s sister

Message: We are studying Moses in the weekly bible study. Sometimes we doubt ourselves and our abilities (Moses) and sometimes we are hard of heart (Pharaoh) and don’t listen to the messages or opportunities of good coming our way. If you are either of these boats, reflect and change.

It’s always great to be with the Pax, especially with an opportunity to lead.

God Bless,


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