Back-Blast Tuesday 02-02-2021 – The Planetarium @ The Boondocks

If you already knew the significance of this week in Boondocks history, you knew it was gonna get weird this morning.  One year ago this week was the first workout at The Boondocks as an official AO.  I wanted to pay homage to this special anniversary, particularly for those PAX who were there a year ago for that “special occasion” and amazingly are still part of F3.  So, I decided to clean it up a bit from last year:  My jeans had legs this year and my shirt had sleeves.  I would also consider my shirt to be “dress camo” with an appropriate hat to complete the ensemble.  While some from last year’s inaugural Boondocks workout decided to find a safer place this morning (cough…cough…Loco), Bulletin, Cochran and Le Pew had no fear.  Well, Le Pew might have puckered up a bit when I announced that the workout was a celebration of one year ago.  They were joined by Holy Roller (R), Yankovic (R), Focker, Spree, BANANA Hammock (FNG) (R), Abacus, Whiskers, Dauber (Q), and the Ghost Flag.
Yea, sorry to FNG Banana Hammock for this being his first F3 experience.  Here is how it went down…
We gathered at the light pole, disclaimer was given / confirmed (you could have left at anytime last year also….it was just a suggestion guys), and we moseyed down the parking lot and back to “oval up” for COP – SSH, Grass Grabbers, Monkey Humpers (that’s all they were…just Monkey Humpers), Downward Dog and some Mountain Climbers.  Everyone was feeling pretty good at that point as I grabbed the potato sacks and we headed over to the basketball court for the Main Thang – Boondocks Sack Race DORA (…did I stutter MFer?).  We split into groups of 3 with work at three stations:- The basketball court was the first station and the push PAX. Whatever PAX were there had a Potato Sack race going the length of the court and back…only the winner moved on to the next station while the remaining PAX raced again until you won (full disclaimer:  apparently I suck at potato sack races so only won when running unopposed).- Second station was the playground where PAX alternated 5 pull ups, 10 Merkins, 10 Jump Squats until pushed.  I remembered a lot more space for pull ups on that playground (there is really not very much room)- Third station was in the parking lot where PAX completed 500 4-ct flutter kicks total as a group of 3. After getting pushed by your teammate, you had to sprint down to the road and back before moving back to the b-ball courts. I figured that would tire out the legs and give me an advantage (nope…still lost every race).

It seemed like everyone was working hard and completed the 500 flutter kicks, but really I spent most of my time watching the races over at the basketball court.  We did wrap up the DORA in plenty of time for a full round of Boondocks 4-man weave.  If you have never done the 4-man weave you gotta get to the Boondocks.  It was as awesome as I remember from last year.  We went with burpees, t-merkins, run, and bear crawl…flawless execution.  Ended with Mary (BBSU, Reverse Crunches, American Hammers, Gas Pumps, Plank).

We circled up for COT around the Boondocks Flag and the Ghost Flag which will stay at the Boondocks for at least another couple of days.  CoR, NoR, FNG (BANANA Hammock…could have been Speedo), Announcements, Intentions and a Prayer.  

This is a special group.  Great work boys.

– Dauber

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