Back-Blast Wednesday 02-03-2021 – The Foundry @ The County

The playlist was awesome this morning…let me just start with that.  An 80s version of Dauber’s Guilty Pleasures was perfect for a heavy workout and truly made the hundred yards of suck feel like a teenage dream (that is kinda yucky, but I typed it so I am standing by it).  Here is a rundown on the PAX…

Holy Roller (R) – Seemed to be agnostic to the music…Holy Roller is just a machine.

WILDflower – Didn’t say this explicitly, but I inferred that he has used most of the songs on the playlist in his gigs in the past.

DeVitto – Ran with me after the Foundry and didn’t mention the playlist which confirms it was his favorite all time at an F3 workout

Brown Water – Brown Water and I are kindred spirits and clearly the class of the GCA.  BW sang every song and knew the artist for all by one…he prolly would have had that one two if I allowed for a second guess (there is no Wilson Phillips in any of my playlists for future reference).

Hammock (R) – Liked the music a lot better than he liked Money Moves

Tidwell – Tidwell whispered to Pelican a lot during the workout.  Not sure what about.  I’ll assume it was nice things about the music.

Yankovic (R) – perhaps the quote of the day…”I have never worked out to THIS before”

Pelican –  Pelican currently has 9 of the top 10 worst playlists ever at an F3 workout and is likely to claim the full top 10 at his next Q.  So, I take his incessant complaining this morning as validation of the awesomeness.

Dauber (Q) – I sang a few verses.

About the workout…After the disclaimer we took a short lap and then COP –  SSH; Grass Grabbers; Kendra Newmans / Michael Phelps; Downward Dog; Money Moves; Merkins; Groiners.  We moved over to the parking lot where cones were set up 10 yards apart to guide us through the main thag – HUNDRED YARDS OF SUCK.  This entailed a coupon overhead carry to the last cone and back to complete an exercise at the first cone, second cone, etc. until completing the full hundred yards.  Exercises were 10 Coupon Swings; 20 Overhead Press; 30 4ct American Hammers; 40 Derkins; 50 4ct Flutter Kicks; 60 Bent Over Rows; 70 Coupon Squats; 80 BBSUs; 90 Chest Press; 100 Curls.  
All PAX completed the full hundred yards and most were working their way back when time was called.  Shout out to Hammock who posted this morning after his FNG post at the Boondocks yesterday.  His entire F3 experience has been Dauber Qs.  He is a good guy and works his butt off.  Bummer we are unlikely to see him again.
We circled up for CoR, NoR,  announcements (SB squares are now gone…Dauber has the most…SUCKERS!!!!), intentions and an Our Father.
Great work this morning…didn’t suck at all.

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