BB-Pelican Q Loco at the County 2/2/21

County showed up strong (🚫✈️)for a cold morning Ground Hog Day type Q. Someone declared it #boycottboondocksday even though the Ghost Flag was ripe for the picking. Seemed a bit harsh but I went along with it.

No train so all 18 strong were there on time-

PAX were-
Big Bird
Honey Do
Brown Water
Asian Zing (R)
Jolly Rancher
Meter Maid
Bob Ross
Hush Puppy
Pelican (Q)

Cartman and I bonded over our mutual hate of Dauber prior to the workout. I mean Cartman’s NFL team of choice. I gave a brief disclaimer and then we did a Mosey to the front lot.

There I encouraged the PAX to give the respect I do to other Qs and to just follow instructions and count cadence when asked. They obliged as we did the following-

Toy Soldiers-10 IC

Grass Grabbers-10 IC


Michael Phelps

Kendra Newmans

Downward dog and atuff

Moseyed to the backlot and grabbed our coupons to get ready for the Thang.

It was do 10 reps of an exercise, rifle carry coupons across the lot the short way (or Backflop way), put coupon down sprint back across, then mosey back to the coupon. If you got there before the six you repeated the exercise until they got back and did at least one rep of the exercise. We did the same thing three rounds but switched mode of transportation from sprint to bear crawl to Bernie. We got through 4+ rounds and the main exercises were-

Manmakers (Holy Roller approved)

Thrusters (no one approved)

Coupon Swings

Merkins (we did on the coupon-center, right left)

Pelicans for a round or two (at least that’s what everyone else called them)

I wanted to make a workout that was hard but doable for everyone. That’s last why the lead guys had to do extra reps while waiting for the six. We did a couple of ten counts before we went each time to make sure we could give it all we had every round. It seemed to work as there was limited mumble chatter. Probably cause I was busy giving instructions instead of spewing nonsense. T-claps to F-Stop, he was keeping up with and even finishing a few rounds before both WILDflower and Backflop who are always working hard. Also I got a good push a few times from my new best friend Cartman and Bob Ross on some sprints. Those were the PAX right around me but seemed like everyone pushed hard, I’m sure the Pelican college basketball warmup tape style playlist had a lot to do with it.

We finished with some V-UPs, big boys, and LBCs (?) maybe? Something like that or close enough.

We closed with NoR, CoR (yep flipped the script on ya), announcement and intentions. Prayers for Meter’s niece who has COVID and blood clots that were discovered. She’s hoping to get home soon but continued thoughts and prayers are with her. If I missed any others I apologize.

It’s alway a fun time at the County and always nice to lead one of the most well attended workouts in the region.

Until next time,


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