2/8/21 Back blast for The Abyss

Four HIMS recovered from the Super Bowl by hitting the Abyss on a cold Monday morning.

F-Stop, Uncle Sam, Mr. Hat, and Harbaugh did some 40s in honor of the 40 points scored in the big game. Bucs 31 Chiefs 9

COP was toy soldiers, hillbilly walkers, downward dog stretches, and high knees

Everything added up to 40. At one end of the basketball court we did 10 of an exercise then moseyed to the other end for some side straddle hops, moseyed back and did 30 of the next exercise. Then we did 20 and 20 and 30 and 10 of those same exercises always with a mosey and some SSH in between.

Coupon squats and coupon swings in round 1

4-ct flutter kicks and gas pumps in round 2

Merkins and plank jacks in round 3

Pickle pounders and J-Los in round 4

Coupon curls and skull crushers in round 5

Calf raises and heartbreakers in round 5

We were better when we finished!! Great way to start a Monday!

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