Backblast The Foundry 2.10.2021

Great morning at the Foundry on Wednesday; challenging conditions but Luckily @brownwater74 arranged to have the people in charge of laying Salt on the parking lot there early and they cleared out a nice spot for us. Well done brother!

Truth is I can’t remember Q’ing at an actual Heavy so wanted to make sure it was challenging for all, even @focker211 Here’s what went down.

-Short Mosey to end of Lot closest to the school with Coupons for COP- SSH, Grassgrabbers, Toy Soldiers, Kendra Neuman, Michael Phelps and some stretching to get the muscles warmed up. Thru in a few Merkins and Squats.

-Thang 1 Had the group complete two different “7”‘s . Two exercises, start with 6 of one, travel with coupon 40 Yards, 1 of the other exercise, travel back….5/2, 4/3 etc.

1st One: Manmakers and Coupon Squats. 6 Manmakers, then rifle carry coupon 40 yards for 1 coupon Squat, then Murder Bunny your way back… repeat 5-2 etc. I thought this would Suck but it was so much worse than that. SO glad I didn’t make it an 11. Holy Roller to no ones surprise made this one look easy, even adding in a few self imposed Manmakers while he waited for the PAX, (Well…me) to finish. Beast.

2nd One: Same format with Thrusters and Bent Over Rows, the 40 yards down and back was PAX choice, just had to get the Coupon there and Back. I was impressed to see many of the PAX stick with the Rifle Carry/Murder Bunny Format. (not this guy)

Another tough one and I would be remiss if I did not make mention of Focker and his true embrace of the Heavy….Big Ass Sandbag, Loaded Down Ruck, and what appeared to me to be 2 boat anchors that he also decided to toss around like beach balls. Good God Man!

-Thang 2: Board of Pain. We hauled our coupons to the Covered Bench Area by the rear entrance across from Playground. I had a list of Exercises that PAX completed then Bernie Sanders to end of School Building, turn and Sprint to end of parking lot and back to the start point. Rinse and Repeat. The Exercises:

30 Coupon Press, 20 Big Boys, 10 Coupon Hop-overs, 20 Bicep Curls, 10 Coupon Cross-Over Merkins, 10 Tricep Press…..Repeated this till 3 minutes from time where we finished off with some coupon aided Mary.

COR, NOR, COT……Intentions shared. What an Honor to lead these men. Message: We Are F3, Let’s Act Like It…….Jitterbug Out

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