BB- 02/11/2021 The Big (House) Kapowski @ Bayside – Slide Rule Q

Inclement weather pardoned the sentence requiring jail time; however there was a need for someone to take the Q or possibly close the gloom at Bayside for the day. I couldn’t let it happen! I could not stop thinking about one of the F3 core principles: “Rain or Shine, Heat or Chill, we are out there.” ( If for no other reason than to ease my mind I decided to take the Q the evening before.

At 4:50 AM I went out to my vehicle and thankfully could open up the door and get the car started. 15 minutes later…I had worked up a sweat trying to get ice off my windshield which was futile until the heat finally kicked in and sheets of ice came off in chunks. In route I sent a message indicating a 10 min delay.

5:40 am I arrived at the portico as advertised behind the school at Bayside. It was an icy wonderland. Fortunately the portico had just enough cleared space for a few “jail cells”. When I sent a slack message out I noted that we would be utilizing only a jail cell size box.

COP: Started with 75 SSH IC then went into stretching hammys, hip flexors, groin. Then did 15 grass grabbers IC, followed by quad stretch.

The Thang: As mentioned the night before all activities were completed with in a small jail cell size box. The way it went was three running-in-place movements (Quick feet, butt kicks, high knees) for 30 secs each followed by two exercises. Repeat circuit of two exercises. 1) 20 Jail Cell Merkin (1 merkin to plank then bring each knee to chest, then one more merkin and jump up like a burpee), 20 Mary Katherines (or Lunge jumps) then running movements Repeat 2) 25 diamond merkins and 20 copperhead squat jumps then running movements Repeat 3) 20 Carolina Dry Docks and 1.5 minute Al Gore then running movements Repeat 4) 20 Peter parkers and 25 feet to hands Repeat. Finished with: 25 big boys, 15 freddy mercury IC, 20 star crunches, and 1 minute barrel hold.

COT: Although in solitary confinement I took advantage of the time to think and process how important it is to fight through adversity (Ice, circumstances, and life) to make me a better man so that I can be a part of making a better community and a better world. In all my “jail cell” time gave me the opportunity to realize that I can accelerate even if it means I am in the same place the whole time. SYITG…next time!

Your Brother, -Slide Rule

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