Back Blast – 02/18/2021 The Big Kapowski – Slide Rule

Snow white and just right! The weather was perfect for a challenging Q. Inclement weather Q might stick after this one. I came in with one objective build a snowman with anyone that was willing to get out of the fartsack to join me. To rescue came Birdie, Slugger, and Firing Pin. We quickly got to moseying to the coupon Stash. We picked up our frozen coupons and headed to the flags in front of the high school.

COP: We completed 30 SSH IC, 15 Hillbilly walkers IC, 15 grass grabbers IC, downward dog, left over right and vice versa, squat with elbows on knees to stretch groin out. Followed by 5 groiners, kendra newman, michael phelps, and good mornings.

The Thang: To build the perfect snowman you must start with the base and build up. Also as a side note when playing golf for The Shelby County High School we always called 8 strokes on a hole a snowman (it is embassing to tell you how many snowmen showed up for my golf rounds). Needless to say there is a reason 8 reps were required for each exercise/movement. Starting at Snowball 1: on the picture attached we did 8 laps of coupon plow (plowing snow) but interrupted every 1.5 minutes by 8 manmakers. Snowball 2: we did 8 laps of murder bunnies, interrupted by 8 curls for the girls IC. The laps became back and forth half circles when Birdie discovered slick ice on his first lap on the southside and nearly busted his backside. Snowball 3: The last snow ball was completed by completing a merkin then walking hands over with feet stationary and then completing another merkin until you complete a lap. after a lap one way you reverse direction for 8 laps (4 each direction). This build was interrupted by 8 SSH IC. We finished just in time to go return the Coupons. On the way Birdie says “THAT IS THE MOST EVIL SNOWMAN EVER!!”. I don’t always know if I should take pride in making the PAX miserable or take note to never follow that weinke again!

COT: After having returned the coupons to the stash we huddled up for count-a-roma, name-o-roma, and asked if their were any intentions. At Birdie’s suggestion we lifted up our F3 brothers as we look to be difference makers in a challenging world.

Areas for improvement: This Q was a pretty quickly assembled idea and with mediocre execution. options for modification could have been improved for Slugger and Firing Pin as they had Mini coupons that make for terrible plows. Also snowball #3 was extremely difficult to achieve.

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