BB Squid Q – Extender @ The Mutt 02.18.21

Tour de ‘Ville de Sequel – Stop #5 of 12
With the unpredictable weather, I reached out to Digiorno and suggested he have a backup plan in place. I intended to make it out, but I wouldn’t know until 4:30 the next morning. I haven’t tried, but I’d imagine coming up with a Q before 5 a.m. would be tough. Although there are plenty of you that write the weinke on the way to the AO that morning, that ain’t me.

After a quick inspection of the driveway, I decided the apocalyptic blizzard missed us once again. I got ready and began the 30 mile drive through snow and slush. After 50 minutes of trepid navigation, I arrived at the Mutt with a few minutes to make a couple minor modifications to the WO. Say what you will, I am not a fan of laying in the snow without water resistant clothes. So, I nixed all “on your six” or “on your face” exercises.

8 PAX knew the Extender started at 0530 and planned accordingly. 2 PAX, who will remain nameless, join us just after our mosey around the building. We all circled up and knocked out a little WOR to get everything moving. SSH, Imperial Walkers, Hillbilly Walkers, Hammy Stretch and Grass Grabbers.

I explained today’s thang and F-Stop was quickly second guessing his decision to visit the Mutt instead of Bayside today. The leg day weinke I was using was a repeat from a few weeks ago at Posh. After that WO, F-Stop promised he would never attend my leg day again…. Yet, here we are.

Thang – Tabata timer, 4 sets of 20 second rounds with 10 seconds rest in between.
Sumo Squat
Calf raises
Al Gore
Star Jumps
Lunge to the Right
Butt Kicks
Lunge to the Left
High Knees
Lunge forward right
Lunge forward left
Toe Taps
Lunge back right
Lunge back left
Toddler Squats
Monkey Humpers

With about two minutes left on the clock, we moseyed back around the building to our starting point. We started one minute late and finished one minute late, even though the Mutters were in favor of a 40 minute WO. Not on my watch fellas! 45 minutes of work and we called time.

We circled up for COR, NOR, Announcements (Ruck, donations for homeless shelter and shoe donations) and Intentions (Tiger recalled a quote he recently saw that basically challenged us to measure our success as a man by looking at our kids and their behavior/actions instead of measuring the quantity or value of our material things.)

The Mutt is the first site I Q’ed at away from home over a year ago, because of that I always enjoy the opportunity to get back and lead. The mumblechatter is always strong and it is clear that these guys are all like family to each other. At one point I saw an image for the Mutt AO that had Alice in Chain’s cover art for the Three Legged Dog album. I can’t help but think this group is more Muttley than AIC.

Image result for muttley laugh gif

It was an honor to be back in the gloom with you men.

Until Next Time,


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