Back-Blast Friday 02-19-2021 – Wisteria @ Pleasantville

The plan for this morning was run quite a bit around Pleasantville so I arrived a little earlier than usual to drive around and check the roads. Conditions were not too bad so I decided to stick with the plan. We had 9 PAX at 0530 so disclaimer was given and confirmed.  Extra call out to be cautious and wary of snow and ice on the road…at this point we learned of Pelican’s mortal fear of black ice.  I also spent a little time bragging about the new watch I just got last night as I tried to turn it on. This gave a little extra time for the 3 late PAX to almost arrive before we set out on a mosey up to and around Main Street. We ovaled up for COP and were 12 strong at that point. PAX:  Lady Bird (R);  Jitterbug (R);  Holy Roller (R);  Pelican;  Backflop;  Meter Maid;  Big Bird;  Motorboat;  Focker;  Yankovic (R);  Abacus;  Dauber (Q).

Lots of mumblechatter during COP which consisted of SSH x20 and BOYOs x5 to start. We then did a few Meter-cadence SSH and somehow got out of sync. Grass Grabbers, downward dog, and mountain climbers closed out the warm up and we shuffled over to the start of Main Street for the first thang.  We did laps up and down Main Street with a sprint to the stop sign, mosey for the rest of the way to the end of the street, circle back and sprint to the next stop sign, then mosey to the end…5x.  Backflop, Focker and Motorboat were leading the group early.  It is literally one of the seven wonders of the world how fast Backflop can get his little legs moving…he was smoking fast the whole time.  Focker unexpectedly dropped back a little, but then I realized he was wearing his Uggs so hard to get good traction.  Motor Boat was, as always, the consummate professional…running his ass off with only intermittent monotone commentary.  Moving to the complete other end of the professionality spectrum, Pelican seemed to be running like he was carrying a 10 lb weight.  I usually get on Pelican for half-assing it or poor burpee form (both being false most of the time), but he legit was not himself while running…come to find out later he was running while trying to hold in about 10 pounds.

Well, we wrapped up the main street laps and then hit a set of exercises as a group – 5 BOYOs, 10 merkins, 15 BBSUs, 20 Squats IC, 25 Flutter Kicks IC.  This would be our routine the rest of way as we took off on a mosey around Pleasantville with 3 stops for exercises.  There was no black ice anywhere.

My new watch did not show the time on it (yep…I better check the settings on that), but Meter was kind enough to remind me of the time about every 30 seconds once we were under 6 minutes, so we made it back to the flag on time (almost).  We circled up for CoR, NoR, announcements (lots of important stuff that Focker and Meter didn’t hear because they were discussing the monthly ruck “deets” VERY loudly), intentions and a final prayer.  We got in over 3 miles, no one slipped on ice, and Pelican got home in time to avoid an accident.  It was a good morning.

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