2/19/21 Backblast @ The Abyss (F-Stop)

Neither cold nor dark can keep the Pax away from the best AO in the city.

Uncle Sam, Flip Flop, Mr. Hat, Harbaugh, Crachit, Tidwell, and F-Stop gathered at 5:15 in the snowy Abyss!!

After a COP that involved a routine of exercise, 10SSH, exercise, 10SSH, exercise, 10SSH, exercise, 10SSH, we began Jack Webb Friday

Our first set was 1 incline merkin on coupon followed by 4 overhead press with a variety of methods to travel to the other end of bball court and back. 2 incline merkins and 8 overhead press…..so forth and so on all the way up to 10 merkins and 40 overhead press. Did I forget to mention every couple of rounds we stopped for another 10 SSH?

After our 10/40 we “took a break.” We did a half nuclear……followed by another half nuclear.

Then on to set 2. 1 sumo squat with coupon and 4 regular squats with coupon on up through 10/40. Again with a periodic stop for 10 SSH

We finished the day with 19 SSH for Feb 19

Great start to a Friday!!

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