BB-Pelican Q Nest at the County 2/13/21

Better late than never! It was cold but lots of HIM got in pre-rucks and runs prior to the workout. 15 total either came or stuck around for the workout—

Airplane (no he wasn’t there)

Yankovic (R)
Hot Tamale
Big Bird
Holy Roller (R)
Diane Dukes
Honey Do
Jolly Rancher
Le Pew
Meter Maid
Brown Water
Pelican (Q)
Ghost Flag

Gave the disclaimer and we circled up in the parking lot for COP. I asked the PAX to guess the first exercise and Jolly guess heart breakers. He was right (well I hadn’t planned the first exercise so whatever he said was going to be right unless it was nuclears or some other nonsense like that). Then we did pickle pounders since we wanted to be optimistic for Valentine’s Day the next day. Then toy soldiers, Downward dog and stuff and some other things.

We got ready for the thang which would be run heavy cause it was cold ya know. We had already counted off by 2s which everyone seemed to remember which is a minor miracle. Everyone would start with 5/10/15 of manmakers/thrusters/coupon swings and then one group ran around campus going left and the other going right. At the playhouse you had to do 5/10/15 bulgarian squats, dips and calf raises. At the overhang you had to do 5/10/15 step ups/derknins/calf raises. In addition you had to run down Mt Mercy and alternate at each pole doing 5 merkins or squats. We all made it around 2+ times. Hot Tamale told me about the specials at his restaurant including free desert for Valentines. Tidwell wanted to try all 6 of them for free but HT wasn’t having that. Backflop was gassing out Meter and made me glad I’m no longer fast enough to keep up with him. The other group was killing it to—Holy Roller, LePew and Big Bird were the ones I remember in the front.

We finished up with some Mary—I let the PAX call out exercises as long as we switched between heart breakers and pickle pounders. LePew called out pickle pointers and for some reason I ignored his advice of not looking at each other. I’ll never be able to unsee what I saw.

We finished with COR, NoR, intentions and announcements. Was a great morning at the county and we all got better—at pickle pounders.


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