BB Squid Q – Cloverfield @ The Garden 02.25.21

This morning was one of those where I would have much rather remained in the fart sack. Thanks to my commitment to Q and the strict requirements of the IHC, I begrudgingly made my way to the gloom. Shark Bait and I showed up about twenty minutes early so I could get set up. With 15 minutes left before the workout, I took a lap around the grounds to get warmed up and hopefully to get energized. Turns out, the turtles were the only things to get motivated. With only a few minutes remaining before 0530 and no facilities immediately available, I decided to gamble and hope I could fight back the pesky turtles for another hour and a half until I could make it home. This was going to be a day of perseverance or catastrophe.

I assumed today was going to be a thin crowd because Frosted Tips was leading a birthday Q at Bayside and Catfish was trying to destroy people at another AO. The Garden Goons would be split three ways today. My assumption was quickly proven correct as the PAX finished rolling in and we landed at an even 6, just right for the weinke.

We carried our coupons to the open parking lot and got warmed with a few arm and shoulder movements. Once that was done we headed to the edge of the lot, where the whiteboard was set up.

Thang 1
10 Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
Murder Maker across the lot
Rifle Carry back
10 Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Our heart rates were up and the shoulders were starting to feel the impending doom that today would hold.

Thang 2
Dora w/ farmer carry:
100 Skull Crushers
100 Over Easy (On your back, arms straight above your head on the ground grasping coupon, keep arms straight and bring coupon half circle to your waist, take it back to the ground above your head keeping arms straight the whole time.)
200 Curls
100 Carolina Dry Merkin (Start like a Carolina Dry Dock but straighten out on the way down to a Merkin)
100 Grave Diggers (coupon between your legs and scoop it up to you left ear, put it on the ground and scoop it to the right… You know, like digging a hole.)

It wasn’t long before everyone’s forearms were screaming and their grip was weakening. Fatigue was setting in and counts were not moving as quickly as I anticipated. Originally I had 100, 200, 300, 200 and 100 as the rep counts. I modified on the fly to the numbers listed above so we could make it through in time.

We called time and made our way to the flags. I think we all did well to carry our coupon back across the lot, holding anything for the rest of the day was going to be a challenge!

COR, NOR, Announcements and Intentions.

As always, the gloom was well worth waking up for. Especially when it’s for an opportunity to work with the men of the self-proclaimed “hardest working AO in town”. The biggest victory though, was my triumph over the turtles. I made it all the way home with about two and a half seconds to spare.

Seriously though, it is an honor to be trusted with the Q.

Until Next Time,


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