BB Escalator at The Abyss – 3.3.21 – NattyLite

This morning was a grind! Designed to be a you vs you workout.

Warm up and Thang 1 above. With ~5 minutes remaining I asked Jewel for a number between 1 and 10. He chose 10. So we did 10 Krakens. 1.5 minutes remained for as many as you can LBCs.

Ghost flag 🏴‍☠️ acquired by the gentlemen of the 🍀 Garden 🍀 . Welcome Kitty Litter!

  • Attendance:
    • Squid
    • Wide Right
    • Sharkbait
    • Flip Flop
    • Kitty Litter (FNG)
    • Uncle Sam (R)
    • Husky (R)
    • Jewel
    • F-Stop
    • Mr. Hat
    • Huggies
    • NattyLite (Q)

Appreciate the opportunity to lead!

Cheers ~ NattyLite 🍻

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