BB: LaGrange Black Ops The Patriot

Tour de LaGrange was a success we had 10 HIMs arrive at the boarding station, ready willing and able.

BossHog(R), Yankovic(R), Mulch(FNG), Holy Roller (R), Valdez, Airplane, Browntail (R), Captain Crunchberry, Wildflower, Focker (Q)

We arranged ourselves into some semblance of a formation around the Col William Oldham statue, disclaimers were made and we set off for North east corner of town aka Focker/HolyRoller/ColKlink quarantine hideaway were we warmed up with SSH, DD, and merkins.

We departed from the hidden shangri la and moseyed down to Crossroads Pregnancy Resource center for some core work out. FK,BB,PP,Saturday nights single legs’ think that was all.

We departed our counseling session and arrived at the skatepark for a new and novel experience. BEARS! Then we bear crawled across the tarmac to the other end were T-bones and Bonnie Blairs were experienced.

We departed the skatepark and arrived at City Place for Dips, WMDs, and shoulder taps.

We departed City Place and arrived at church were we did 30 BOYOs.

We gave thanks for being done with the BOYOs and departed for the library where we started our return to the flag via HEARTBREAK HILL!

Time was called and we rallied around the Flag for COT. Announcements. Fungi is collecting material and goods to aid in the flood relief you can contact him for more information or see him at your next friendly F3 post for more information. Intentions were left unspoken and we lifted those up to the Sky Q. Closed with an Our Father.

Focker Over Out

…now me mateys where is me blasted compass…

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