Backblast BO The Garden Anniversary 3.6.21

Great morning for a great celebration day at The Garden. 2nd Anniversary and Jewel, Domino and myself were humbly picked by our fellow Gardeners to lead the WO. Despite knowing well in advance, our schedules were tight and we could not get together for a good planning session. So, we decided to allow the Pax to pick their own faith and we will come up with something on the fly.

23 PAX in attendance: Gipsy, Focker, Yoshi, Subprime, Diane Dukes, Husky (R), Mr. Roper, Nice N Slow, Latex, Bacon, Hot Wheels, Plumb Bob, Natty Lite, Catfish, Frosted Tips, Nino, Milton, F-Stop, Minnow, Huggies, Jewel (Co-Q), Domino (Co-Q), Wide Right (Co-Q) and we had the presence of the Ghost Flag gotten a few days before from the Abbys.

0700 Disclaimer was given and somebody picked the first Q, Domino.

1st Thang – Coupon rifle carry from the parking lot to the bottom of the Baptizer. Jack webb including 4 lunges & 1 man maker, 8 – 2, and so on until reaching the second speed bump. Then carried our coupon to the grass hill and murder bunnies were called to go back to the bottom. Second Q was picked and Jewel took the lead.

2nd Thang – COP, SSH, grass grabbers, imperial walkers and abe vigodas. Then I was picked for the next part.

3rd Thang – mosey with coupon to the bottom of the Hill of Stolen Souls. Partner up wo; P1 carries coupon to the second set of stairs and once up, does 10 Grave Diggers & Coupon Squats, then comes back and picks up P2. While waiting, P2 had 20 curls, 20 oh presses and 20 bent rows until time was called. 7:30 and the next q was picked, Domino again.

4th Thang – Bernie Sanders to the dumpster and once there, do 25 dips. Then, bear crawled up to the back corner of the top parking lot. You should have heard the reaction of the Pax when this part of the wo was shared, priceless! Next Q picked, Jewel.

5th Thang – Jewel picked one of his favorites, yeap, you guessed right, 10 Krakens on your own. Reactions from the crowd were getting better each time. Then, Pax wanted to comit suicide and Jewel smelled that, he called for suicides on the top parking lot, very little mumblechatter at that point and you can guess the reason. Once we were back to the starting point, Domino was picked for the next piece.

6th Thang – Domino picked another Jack Webb; 4 lunges & 1 broad jump until the group made it to the end of the top parking lot. While waiting for the six, a plank was called and a few (maybe 20?) merkins. Then I was picked again.

7th Thang – Mosey to the bump at the top of the Baptizer; needed to go down the hill and no way better than crab walked. I had never done this and realized it was not the brightest idea but it was worth it. Still sore from this activity. At the bottom of the Baptizer, Jewel was called to wrap it up.

8th Thang – With ~10 minutes to go to before 0800, Jewel decided to repeat one piece of his Birthday Q, something that he picked from a GrowRuck selection event or something similar if my memory is ok. 150 coupon thrusters without letting the coupon touch the ground. No voices at all after the instruction was given.

We hit the clock and we went to Camp St. Pats for COT and well deserved refreshments.

Jewel, Domino and myself, were honored to lead the workout during this gorgeous morning at The Garden. Honored as well to have a few members from other AO’s and to lead this group of fine men. Nino shared that a few of the Pax in attendance were also at the very first BO WO in this place; proud to see how much The Garden has grown and the potential it still has.

Intentions were shared and closed it out.

Until Next Year to celebrate the 3th Anniversary of the Hardest Working AO of the Region. The Garden.

Jewel, Domino, Wide Right.

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