BB: LaGrange Black Ops The Patriot

6 men, Yankovik (R), HolyRoller(R), BossHog(R), Mulch, Sludge(FNG), Focker(Q), stood proud around Col William Oldham, in the cold and windy gloom. We had our orders and knew that what was to come would not be a typical workout. It would not be easy. These hard bodies don’t stay that way by doing nothing and our families rely upon our strength. This flesh must be tested, must be tried, must be trained.

God created us Men in his image. We are the leaders and defenders of our homes, our land, and the innocence around us. Yet at times we do get knocked down. We struggle to get back on our feet and continue to suffer blows; making the arising that much more difficult. So what do we do about this, sure to come, attack on our minds, bodies, spirit and soul? We train hard. We make strong those muscles which propel us up and onward. Forward. We are about to eat a live frog first thing in the morning.

0530 warmup consisted of SSH, TS, DD, Merkins, and stuff. We suggested some work around the statue for BossHog, to do, while we went for distance down Heartbreak Hill to the library where we were to begin studies in the physical and mental art of being dangerous to evil in the world.

We arrived at the library were we began 11s. Burpees, sprint 50 yards, BEARs, 10/1, 9/2, so on and so forth We then, as completed. wall sat against the pillars of the library entrance and pondered our weakness and need for more training waiting upon six to complete. The six finished up, we recovered to start second set of 11s. WMDs, sprint 50 yards, BigBoys, 10/1, 9/2, so on and so forth. As we completed the set we, again, took up positions on the pillars of the library. Only this time we elevated our feet on the pillars, to the height of our full length and contemplated the rising pressure in our minds. Alternating this position with wall sits as each HIM completed the set until the six joined us, we recovered, and moseyed back up Heartbreak Hill to the flag for time. BossHog rejoined us as he returned from his mosey down too McDonalds.

Rallied around the Stars and Bars

COR all present and accounted for and NOR.


Fungi had huge success with a truck bed full of goods and 3300$ raised to help those impacted by the flooding.

Jewel is doing the burpee challenge to help the young mother who chose life over abortion. See Jewel or Slack for more info.

Monthly Ruck coming up for Waterstep. See Slack for more info.


Mulches wife is starting a new position teaching and is very excited. Pray her first day goes well and the Lords light shines thru her life and example.

Raised up all those unspoken in prayer.

Men set about your day protecting and defending your families and the innocence of those near us, from the evil one. If God be for us who can be against us.

Carpe Diem

Focker Over Out

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