3.19.21- The Baptizer @ The Garden w/ Jewel

Nothing like a Q at the Baptizer to help celebrate completing the IHC. Today was my 66th post during the competition, so we went with a little Route 66 theme, finished with some (R)espect for our F3 treasure, Husky.

0515- disclaimer was given. Absolutely not a professional, no training, take anything I say as a suggestion. Still in a pandemic, know your body.

Mosey to the bottom of the Hill of Stolen Souls.

Abe Vigodas
Grass Grabbers
DDP Merkins
Downward dog & runners stretches

Thang 1 – Route 66 (3 of reps per exercise)
3 sets – 22 reps
Toddler Squats w/ coupon
Overhead Press
Lunges w/ coupon
***PAX were to complete 22 reps of curls, run up HSS. at 1st set perform 1 Kraken Burpee. Run down and perform 2nd set of 22 curls. At the top of HSS – 2 Kraken Burpees – # of Krakens corresponded w/ the # of set of each exercise.
***PAX were instructed that one trip up HSS per set of 3 exercises had to be a Bernie. They could pick which trip that was.
12 Total trips up the HSS
24 Total Krakens
4 Bernies up the HSS

It was a pleasure to get Handbook (and LePew) out to the Garden. And it was his only his 2nd trip there, so we had to show him the hills. Called a quick Omaha and ran a hill loop. Back up the HSS (13th trip) to the top parking lot and down to the bottom of the Baptizer – but he needed to experience that, so we turned around and went oppo the way we just came.

Back at the bottom of HSS – THANG 2
HUSKY WO – AMRAP for last 13 minutes.
15 HR Merkins
15 Upright Rows
15 Spiderman Merkins
5 Killer Bees (10 bear crawls, 5 broad jumps, 5 burpees)
5 Yurpees (Burpee w/ hand clap merkin and tuck jump)

It was such an honor to lead today, and make this small gesture for Husky. He’s a HIM, no doubt. And a HIM that I respect a great deal. Hopefully, it was the hardest thing we all had to do today, and if not, then remember that we have this group, a group full of men who donated more than $4500 in just a couple weeks for two separate causes. If that doesn’t make you proud, then, well, it should.

It’s an honor to be a part of this group. And I’m humbled to get a chance to lead.

SYITG – Jewel

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