3.20 BB Gisele Q Nest @ The County

Leading a workout is one of my favorite things to do. This Q I wanted to be different than some of the stuff I had done in previously and to connect back to a story from my past. I signed up to do the mini marathon in a few weeks so I definitely wanted to work running into my Q. Recently I have been thinking a lot about what got me here. Not in the sense of fitness but in life. In November I lost the only grandfather I have know. My dads father passed away in 1981 so my only connection is of stories. My dads mother passed in 1985 when I was 3 so all I know is a few pictures. The story about how my Grandparents met is something you watch in a movie. My grandfather Claude Columbus was in the military stationed at Otis In Massachusetts. Every Saturday night he would call his parents in Virginia. The switchboard operator would make the connection form him. That switchboard operator ultimately became who I remember as grandma Barbra.

Today’s Q was themed around an operator. A cool 33 degrees as 7am hit. A few pax were stuck by the train so we started with side straddle hops, as more boys showed. At the head count of 17 we moseyed to the front parking lot of the school, Brown Water and Pelican jumped the tracks to get us to 19. Slow grass gravers, mosey to the back of the church for some Downward dog where I shared the story of my grandparents. Mosey to the portico for some Superman and instructions for the main thang. You are going to call you F3 name where the letter in your name corresponds to a number like a phone. You do that exercise and then do a lap. Short distance for some. Longer distance for others. As always if you finish you pick up fellow man. Captain Crunch berry certainly was the winner.

I had 0-9 listed as I really was not sure until today if we were going to dial our F3 name or phone number.

1. 25 step ups

2. 25 Calf Raises

3. 25 Merkins

4. 25 LBCs

5. 25 Dips

6. 25 Squats

7. 25 Lunges

8. Bobby Hurleys

9. Speed Skaters

0. Burpees

Some phone and operator themed music from Jim Croce, Maroon 5, Sugar Ray, 2 PAC and Blondie along with some great mumble chatter. I got 5 miles running which was great. It went by quick this morning and before we knew it 7:58 and we gathered everyone back to the flag. Stretching and nameorama. We had an FNG. He almost got the name Tonya Harding but I think we have gone soft and he got Hightower (police academy). Announcements around convergence. For intentions we prayed for 2 F3 brothers battling cancer. I led in prayer and reflection. Fist bumps as the Pax dispersed. Thanks for allowing me to lead you men- I love every moment! G-out

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