BackBlast TheFog 4/3/21

PAX- LadyBird (R) (Beggin Strips…woof), Minnow, Dot, Diane Dukes, Jitterbug (QIC)

This won’t be an easy read as I’m doing it on the Fly and it was a whole 3 days ago; and not gonna lie, drawing a complete blank on some of the things we did except I was really tired at then end. Appreciate the PAX who joined me, as always I kept us moving with some PT in Between.

-Mosey to Coupon Lot for COP: SSH, Grassgrabbers, Hillbilly Walkers, Imperial Walker….After SSH had PAX do I burpee and then increased burpee count by one after each additional exercise up to 5? Stretching, Kendra, Michael Phelps.

In no certain order these are some of the things we did.

Playground…Alternated 5 Pullups with 20 LBC’s for 5 minutes. (I remember this cause we did it last)

From COP Moseyed to small lot next to egg lawn for a Jack Webb of Merkins and Air Presses 1/4 ratio up to 10/40 ( I remember this cause I just remembered what we did after COP)

Moseyed to top of Bridge- PAX did 15 dips, ran to bottom of bridge and did another exercise, (15 Squats??) Ran back up to top of Bridge. Rinse and Repeat X 5

Moseyed to Fountain- Really messed this up, but eventually Ladybird and I teamed up and Dot, Minnow and Diane Dukes Teamed up. 1 Group AMRAP an exercise while the other group Mario’d down the fountain hill and then Bernie Sanders Back Up. (Kind of like that last line you can read on an eye chart, if I had to guess, those exercises were, Step Ups, and T-Merkins, and Jump Squats.

Gathered at back entrance of fountain. Had PAX do a 5-10-15. Each PAX Completed 5 Burpess, 10 Hand Release Merkins, 15 Bobby Hurleys (Actually pretty sure about those), in order, then Sprinted to a tree I pointed out some distance down the rock path…(4 miles?), then bernies sanders back. Rinse and Repeat x 3.

Back at Fountain- Found a bench or short wall and did 3 exercises, Rinse and repeat 3 Times. Derkins, Step Ups, Dips (may or may not have happened)

Moseyed back to top of Bridge- We shared the Fountain for a short period of time with a small number of the ladies workout group on the other side. I saw them doing a particular exercise I liked, and because I did not want to Mosey all the way back to the Start from the Fountain we stopped there to do it. I wish I was making this up, but if you held flame to my feet I couldn’t tell you what that exercise was.

Moseyed Back to Playground….see above

COR, NOR, Announcements and Intentions. Good to see Dot back out. If I can’t always remember clearly what happened; I always remember how I feel when I have left it all out there with my F3 Brothers and for that I am grateful. Jitterbug Out

It might have been Mountain Climbers

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