BackBlast 4/8/21 Holy Roller – Agony @ the County

Simple Agony. Move and keep moving. We exercised our heart muscles today for 44 minutes. At about 34 minutes into the workout, we did nothing for 1 minute.
Disclaimer, and a mosey. Then a few SSH, Merkins, SSH, Merkins, SSH and mosey with coupon to the main thing in the parking lot. 13 strong HIMs today:
Boss hog(R) Pelican Abacus Little Jerry(R) Devitto Air Raid(R) Valdez Storm trooper Yankovic(R) Hush puppy Double down(R) Gisele Holy Roller(R) (Q)
Main thing was a Dora in the parking lot. Started with 50 ManMakers while your partner runs to the island and bear crawl back. Keep your heart rate up. Boss hog was doing his own version and doing it well. Pelican kept me moving and encouraged as we worked through the toughness. I looked over and saw Gisele burning through curls, Hushpuppy came flying past me on the round 2 run (3 times). Abacus started deep lunge walks instead of the bear crawls and had some followers keeping that heart muscle pumping! Devitto was doing Bear crawls in style and setting the example. Little Jerry was running like a cheetah (you can, hear him passing you).
After 50 Merkins, 150 Curls, 150 Thrusters, 150 Derkins we moved to round 2 at the other end of the parking lot. Yankovic was pushing through every exercise with grit! Did you all see Double Down making his abs even better through those BBSit ups? Wow. And I tried to challenge Storm Trooper a couple of time during the loop runs and he just blew on past me. Keep that heart muscle moving was the reminder. We did some more hard stuff (Not sure I saw Valdez or AirRaid break a sweat but they were tearing though it – I gotta think up something harder for them next time). We ended after 150 BB Sit-ups, 140 4 count Flutter Kicks and another thing, together with 2 minutes of ManMakers in unison (PAX looked like Synchronized Swimmers). Heart rates were up.
COT Announcements, Workout today was focused on our exercising our hearts. Go out today and give your heart and mind to others. Pour into them. Be the strong example as Christ did, giving your heart as you are a husband, father, son, brother, co-worker, leader. Prayed and out. Thanks for allowing me to lead HIMs. Holy Roller

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