BackBlast 4/6/21 Holy Roller – Loco @ the County

In the preblast I provided synonyms for Loco. That describes what this workout was, Loco. It was a beautiful morning in Pewee Valley, so I thought we would take some time off campus and sort of mosey up and down Mt Mercy…with our friend, the coupon.
All Pax accounted for: Wildflower, Hush Puppy, Yankovic (R ) and Q Holy Roller.
We did a short mosey with coupons to the caboose. Proceeded right into 5 Nuclear ManMakers. And then did 5 more with a different kind of count. Those got us warmed up a little.
We headed to the main thing with our coupons -down the street. We started at the first of 2 posters on Mt Mercy. Did 1 Curl at the first pole, mosey with coupon to the next and did 2 and to the next and did 3…and so on. At the end of the road, there were instructions on what to do on the way back. Manmakers 1,2,3, etc. then turn around and do Big Boy Sit-ups with coupon at each pole again 1,2,3, etc and then mosey the other direction with coupon and this time squats. Finished just in time to circle up. Man, Wildflower pushed us, Hush Puppy was strong (and even after staying up all night repairing his car and sore from the crash), and Yankovic was was out there making himself better.
COT, announcements, prayers and we were out. Well done HIMs! Holy Roller

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