Back Blast 4/15/2021 Holy Roller Q The Moonshiner @ The Boondocks

Thinking that I surprised some with the “no Nuclear Manmaker” promise. We did do some other fun stuff. Yep, we started together and ended together with: Boss Hog, Flex Seal, Yankovic, Cochran, Honey Do, Abacus, Bulletin, Wildflower, Captain Crunchberry, Holy Roller (Q)

Disclaimers and a quick warm up with 30 mountain climbers, Captain Crunchberry made a comment “that was fun” so to keep him happy we did 30 more. Some other stretches and stuff and then moseyed without our coupons to the other end of the parking lot. We saw the light and 3 dice and a temperature gun (used in construction) We took turns rolling one die and I took the temperature of different things and PAX. What ever exercise came up we did X reps of what the temperature read. So we did 38 and 37’s a lot. Of course my first roll was “burpees” so we did 36 of them together (well kind of together). I did see Boss Hog smiling the whole time. We kept moving for about 30 minutes. I think I saw Captain Crunchberry trying to “fix” one of the die. And Wildflower was really good at rolling “water breaks”. Seriously all of the PAX were killing it. And the “roll the die time” was just recovery and then on to the 38 merkins (together).
We then moseyed back to our starting point and circled up for some Mary. We did 40 of something, then 30 of something then more and ended right on time without Manmakers.
COT- announcements – Monthly Ruck Saturday at 2:00, prayed us out. Well done PAX!
Holy Roller

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