BB-Pelican Q 4/16 Wisteria at Pleasantville

Holy Roller decided to give up his site Q duties on the day I was Qing. Which either meant he wanted to go out with a bang or he thought it was going to be a complete shit show and he wanted to quit before he was fired. You can decide that for yourself. Since it was his last day as site Q I figured we’d go out with something he’d like.

PAX rolled up to a nice round 10

Big Bird
Flex Seal
Jitterbug (R)
Holy Roller (R)
Whitney (R)
Yankovic (R)
Pelican (Q)

I have no clue what we did for COP other than FOCKER throwing out some acronyms at the downward dog and stuff. ROL and LOR are now things.

We lined up for a DORA which again I don’t remember what we did for that either other than we did manmakers at every step adding one per step so we got to 8 at the top. Once you got to the 5th step or so it got really tough. Actually I think we did 100 Big Boys, 200 Curls and 300 calf raises, maybe. Somehow FOCKER and Holy Roller ended up as partners and they were done before some of the groups finished their big boys. Whitney and I were crushing it, as were Flex Seal and Yankovic. Gringo and Bird were the shortest combo but they too made quick work of the exercises. I don’t know what Schlitz and Jitterbug did but sure it was good too—also may have messed up the partners some but this was 5 days ago at this point. I know for a fact that Airplane wasn’t one of the partners. While we waited for the six I had the PAX repeat the exercises with a focus on something they didn’t do as much of.

Once we wrapped that we didn’t have enough time for another DORA so we did some modified partner work. Partner A went up the steps and every other step did thrusters-step 1 you did 1 and step 3 you did 3 and so on. Partner B did 10 of the following: v-ups, merkins and squats on repeat until partner A was back. We did that until about 5 or so minutes left and then headed back to the flag.

At this point the PAX were all hyped up because of the music so I had to reign it in a bit with a genre change. Not sure everything we did in Mary but we did do one minute of burpees since it was Holy Rollers going away party. He only was able to do 25 in the minute so probably a good thing he’s stepping down as site Q.

We closed with CoR, NoR, announcements and intentions. Whitney taking over as site Q—going to do big things building on Holy Roller and whoever else was before him.

Always great to be out with the guys and even better when you get to lead.



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