BackBlast: Digiorno Q The Rooster “The Mutt”

Weather was crisp and in the high 40s.

11 PAX were gracious enough to visit The Rooster:
Bloody Mary
Larry Flint
Peeping Tom
Plumb Bob
Ronnie Beaver
Digiorno Q

Mosey around path
Bear Crawl up hill next to coupon building
Circle up
Warm up/stretching
SSH 50 ic
Downward Dog
Runners stretch
Flutter Kicks 30 ic
Downward Dog
Calf stretch
LBC 30 ic

Thang 1:
Line up at portico
Bear Crawl half way/mosey other half/Bernie back
20 Burpees…5 down, 5 back, 5 down, 5 back
20 Squats…same as above
20 Carolina Drydocks…same as above
Mario down/Bernie back
Same as above

Thang 2:
The Bruce Lee, repeato x2
1. Flutter Kicks x20
2. Leg Raises x20
3. Da Vincis x20
4. American Hammers x20
5. LBCs x20
6. Freddie Mercury x20
It is said that this should be completed 7 times for full discomfort levels. We were able to fit in 2 and it hurt.
Mosey around school to playground
20 pull-ups OYO

Quote of the day:
Don’t let your competitiveness cripple your ambition.

Digiorno 👌🍕

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