Back-Blast Wednesday 05-12-2021 – The Foundry @ The County

Two main things happened this morning at The Foundry: (1) I tried out some things this morning that might be part of the The County Fair CSAUP on Saturday and (2) Focker made my day. PAX:  DeVitto, Octodad, Gisele, Tidwell, Honey Do, Focker, Brown Water, Verbal, Dauber (Q)

After the disclaimer and a very short mosey we circled up for COP – SSH, grass grabbers, michael phelps / kendra newmans, downward dog.  We then enjoyed a cornucopia of exercises:

– 9 minutes of EMOM – 10 skull crushers / 10 coupon squats / 10 curls (planned for 10 minutes but my timer is tricky)

– 2 minute coupon overhead hold

– Welsh Dragon starting from the bottom of the parking lot up to the top (see Jewel’s backblast from The Garden last Friday for the details on the Welsh Dragon)

– Countdown of Reps (40, 30, 20, 10) with a lunge walk in between reps.  Three exercises – 4ct flutter kicks, bent over rows, BBSU.

– Team merkin max out challenge

Music was decent…ads were on point and plentiful.  No one complained.
We circled up for NoR, CoR, Announcements, Intentions (our global community and in particular those directly impacted by the events in Afghanistan), and a final prayer.  Focker articulated what F3 means to him and how important our brotherhood is to him and how impactful it can be for men in our community.  He gave DeVitto and me a patch…I am humbled…it was awesome.
Reach out to a brother who has not posted in a while, headlock a FNG, tell someone what they mean to you today.
– Dauber

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